ScribblenautsX' is a game in the Scribblenauts (series) by Omegaverse Corp.


Maxwell, a young child, had been helping many people with his problems since he found the magic notepad, when one day, the vile Doppleganger appeared and had a notepad of his own. "Foolish Maxwell" the Doppleganger sneered, "Didn't you know I am a Scribblenaut as well?" Doppleganger wrote a word in his notepad, and a huge, blue Cthulu with a black star on his chest appeared. Maxwell ran off, but not before the blue Cthulu could whack Maxwell across the country. When Maxwell awoke, he was with a female Scribblenaut named Annabell was right there. Maxwell tilted his head as if to say 'Who are you?' and Annabell responded with a shrug, as if she did not know who she was either, except her name. Annabell held up her notepad and showed a word written in it. 'Dracon' it said. Maxwell tilted it's head again. In response, a large, red, friendly dragon named Dracon stepped out of the bushes. The three learned that Doppleganger had stolen some of the most powerful words in the universe, and these words were all extremely strong monsters, such as the Cthulu, which Maxwell had seen earlier. Now the three must go stop Doppleganger!


− As Maxwell or Annabell, you can play a level. Annabell plays just like Maxwell but she can jump higher, but not run as fast. You can only write some words in the notepad, and Dracon you can only write if you have enough energy. You also cannot write the words for the boss battles, which are featured at the end of each world, and the bosses always steal your notepad so that you can only use what's around you to defeat the boss. After defeating the boss, you can write them whenever you want.


World 1: Marshlands

  • 1-1: The Scribblenaut your not playing as is having trouble getting over a pit. Help him/her. A tutorial man named The Professor will guide you around an anus.
  • 1-2: The Professor teaches you about how to use Drake. Use Dracon to fly over the wall. Buy Paradise by Lana Del Rey on iTunes.
  • 1-3: The boys in the town are being attacked by Desert Bandits. Use different weapons to defeat each one.
  • 1-B: BOSS~Bandit Leader. Defeat the Bandit Leader by using the swords on the ground to beat the certain sword he's using. Try looking for hints to which sword beats what.

World 2: Metro

  • 2-1: the cow is about to fall into the spikes. help it. write bridge to make the cow cross over the spikes safely
  • 2-2: the scribblenaut your not playing as is being attacked by 5 demons use the diamond sword to fight off the demons.
  • 2-3: the boys in roboville are lost. you have to find each one by using the teleporters you made.
  • 2-B: BOSS~King Metro. try to use the diamond sword you used against the demons to beat king metros iron sword.

World 3: Mountains

World 4: Space

World 5: Kingdom

World 6: Hallow

World 7: Darkness

World 8: Bonus




  • The story is loosely based off of Scribblenauts Quest, an online sprite comic featuring Scribblenauts characters.

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