Scribble Zone: War Against The Dark Eraser
Scribble zone cover
Developer(s) Creative Creations Inc.
Publisher(s) Creative Creations Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Adventure Mode, Challenge Mode, Minigames
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Scribble Zone: War Against the Dark Eraser is the first game in the Scribble Zone series.

It was made by Creative Creations Inc. and was released for the Wii U.


On a piece of paper known as the Scribble Zone, there were tons of stickman citizens running around and having fun. Then, the pencil had drew a to-be-called hero. His name was Doodley. He noticed all the land and fun the Scribble Zone was full of, and was sure that this would be a magnificent place. But a sudden threat rises, as an eraser is dropped into the Scribble Zone, and started raiding the citizens! He captured 7 of the Scribble Zone's best Stickmen and started spawning Scrap Minions all over Scribble Zone! Paperclip Zombies, Soda Cap Spinners, this was all no good! He laid a terrible curse on the Scribble Zone, shattering the areas into separate shoebox dioramas! Doodley, being the newest stickman in Scribble Zone, has to do his heroic deed in rescuing the 7 stickmen, and saving the Scribble Zone!


Area 1 - Paper Plains

Area 2 - Desert of Dishes

Area 3 - Woody Waters

Area 4 - Ice Cube Isles

Area 5 - Jumprope Jungle

Area 6 - Cookie Caves

Area 7 - String Skys

Area 8 - Anti-Scribble Zone


After the heroes defeat the Dark Eraser, he starts to shake, light up, and then finally combust, unreleasing his  black magic forces on the Scribble Zone and destroying the Anti-Scribble Zone and Dark Eraser's Lair, as the areas and lands of Scribble Zone form back together and all that was in the land is pushed back in. All of a sudden the Scribble Zone forms into a spherical planet! All the citizens thank Doodley for saving the day, and make him king of Scribble Zone. The screen slowly zooms out of Scribble Zone, showing it's spherical planet shape, with a desk in the background as the words THE END are wrote with a pencil under the planet.

Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode, you can do short challenging levels that involve goals like stomping as many enemies as you can or staying in midair for the longest time.

You start out with 7 packs involving each of the characters. There is the Doodley Pack, the Redmond Pack, the Bluie Pack, the Greendale Pack, the Yelljoe Pack, and so on.

Each week a new challenge level is downloadable through Wi-Fi, and additional packs can be downloaded as DLC from the eShop.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, you go through the story of Doodley as he travels to defeat Dark Eraser.

After beating each world*, you unlock a new character, and all unlocked characters have special abilities.

*Instead of unlocking a new character after beating Anti-Scribble Zone, Doodley is given the ability to be Super Doodley.

Doodley (Available from start) Special Ability - Super Doodley

Redmond (Beat Paper Plains) Special Ability - Red Crayon Ram

Bluie (Beat Desert of Dishes) Special Ability - Water Gun

Greendale (Beat Woody Waters) Special Ability - Slime Shot

Yelljoe (Beat Ice Cube Isles) Special Ability - Epic Tap Dance

Delorange (Beat Jumprope Jungle) Special Ability - Running Spasm

Browna (Beat Cookie Caves) Special Ability - Boulder Toss

Purpette (Beat String Sky) Special Ability - Purple Ray

Screenshots and Art

  • Getting 3 Stars on a level.
  • Area 1 gameplay.

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