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Screwball Sensation is the 224th episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series. It aired on March 9 2007. The story is when Roshan felt left out when the whole school except him saw a very popular movie.


  • Roshan
  • Sqak
  • Skip
  • Tubby
  • King Cheatsy
  • Robin
  • Dib
  • Cynder
  • Mr. Owl
  • Jerry
  • Bruno Toad
  • Princess Priceless
  • Egghead Duck
  • Melvin The Firefly
  • Queen Kaida
  • King Drogo
  • Slim Flapeo
  • Ty Wombat
  • Lance Grizz
  • Tex
  • Snap
  • Selena
  • Sig
  • Ralph


One day at school, Roshan was excited because his favorite scientist one the "Brain Gain" Awards. But as he tells this to everyone, they all didn't understand what he said as Lance says "Me Not Knew!" from the new movie Ben and Stupid (a parody of Ren and Stimpy). Roshan discovers that the whole class saw Ben and Stupid, including Mr. Owl.

At the cafeteria, the gang except Roshan continued talking about Ben and Stupid. Roshan feels left out and leaves but gets annoyed by all the kids around him who are doing stuff from the movie. Roshan asks Kaida and Drogo if he can see that movie, but they refused because the movie is too immature and they fear it might change Roshan.

The next day, everyone keeps talking about Ben and Stupid, much to Roshan's chagrin. When he goes to the Underground Gang to hang out with, he is horrified to discover they saw the movie and he runs out in stress. Roshan vows he WILL watch Ben and Stupid despite his parent's orders.

Roshan dials on a phone telling him he won a free ticket for Ben and Stupid, and as soon as the ticket arrives, he was about to leave until Kaida caught him. Roshan lied to his mother that he is going to the library to find a way to help Pandballs (Small furry creatures with feet) who are suffering a famine.

At the theatre, Roshan's ticket gets him to see Ben and Stupid, where he writes all the best jokes on a piece of paper. When the movie is over, Roshan was about to go home but Drogo and Kaida (who are taking a walk) caught him and quickly found out he lied to them so he can watch Ben and Stupid.

Kaida and Drogo were furious about Roshan's scam and tell him that life is more important than being like his friends. They also ground him with no TV for a week, but Roshan knows everything will end well on monday. But on monday, He is surprised to find out everyone saw another movie called Goof Patrol (On the weekend he was still grounded) and everything starts all over again.


  • This episode reveals Roshan's middle name is "Zephyr", which is another name of the Greek God of West Wind.

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