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Squik, squik!
Scratches main quote, Mewshi's Adventure!

The weakest enemy against Mewshi the Dinocat
Species Origin Mouse
Rarity Common

(Rare in S & F: U M)

Alignment Bad
First Appearance Mewshi's Adventure!
Latest Appearance Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet
Bleck Rat
Scratcher is a minion mouse served by Bleck Rat. He's the first Mewshi's enemy and his first appearence in Mewshi's Adventure!. Scratcher is a basic enemy so he just walks. He does nothing so he's obvius the weakest character.

Scratcher haves a big baby-pink nose such like his hands and his tail. He isn't small like the other normal mouses.


Mewshi's Adventure!

Scratcher appears in this game as an enemy.

Sonic and Fantendo: Universes Meet

Scratcher appears as a rare enemy, only found in Waddlewing Autumnwoods. There is also a giant version of himself, appearing as a boss in Waddlewing Autumnwoods as well.


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