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Were you looking for the original version of the character that SkyboundScratchkat made?
Scratch Kat (ZAXALT)
Full Name Scratch Kat
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species  ???
Location Whatevalaxy
Align Unpredictable
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Reality warping; drawing to life; wall sticking
Sexuality Pansexual
Scratch Kat is a laboratory experiment created for the benefit of mankind, meant to cure most diseases in general, but failed because he was tempered with in development by an inexperienced scientist. Scratch Kat is the result of morphing a white cat with a piece of paper with magic instead of just magic, and he currently lives in the Whatevalaxy, thinking he's biological as he doesn't remember his past. He only knows his best friends Lub Lub, Dawg, Unikitty, and Zane and knows how his abilities work and how to get what he wants.

Physical Description

Scratch Kat resembles his original self identically physically, but wears a black beret and a black coat with color stains. He also holds a color palette in his left hand and a brush in the other, and has a mischievous grin.


Scratch Kat has the potency to warp reality, but isn't experienced much with the power and can warp parts of his body around if he messes up. However, his main ability includes being able to draw things to life, both in the second and third dimensions, and implanting his intentions into his creations' minds as he draws them. Using this ability, Scratch Kat can heal himself, draw impossible weapons, and more. He does have limitations though, and cannot draw anything bigger than he is without help, or anything more powerful than the strongest non-deity in the universe. In addition, Scratch Kat can stick to walls, floors, and ceilings, and move across them as if he were a cartoon.

Because he's like a cartoon, Scratch Kat can also distort his proportions and as such have giant fists or an enormous leg.


If Scratch Kat wasn't already cartoony enough, this Scratch Kat certainly acts more, behaving like old Tom and Jerry cartoons and being mostly silent and full of wacky violent ideas. Scratch Kat doesn't exactly have a true alignment, he does whatever for the hell of it, he doesn't give too many damns about his consequences, but will never hurt his friends intentionally. Like the original Scratch Kat, he is very hyperactive and excited, and is almost always happy. In a sense, he's rather unique with his emotions, as if he needs to put on a different attitude, he'll draw a new attitude on his own face, which instantly makes his whole body follow that attitude.


Lub Lub

Scratch Kat and Lub Lub get along like best pals or something or other. They especially like going to Wal-Mart and preforming music in front of everyone, although they can't speak so their mouths just flap with no vocal sounds. Outside of that though, they go to the movies a lot and blow bubblegum.


Together the two don't really get along much, in fact, the two get along like Tom and Jerry, with Scratch Kat being Jerry. They will put aside their differences, however, for when time calls for them to do such. Like with Lub Lub, there are the times where Scratch Kat will go to the movies with Dawg.


Unikitty is Scratch Kat's love interest, and they get along well even though neither know what the hell they're doing. Everything sweet Unikitty says prompts Scratch Kat to get even more hyperactive and potentially glitch for a second out of ZAXALT before reappearing. Unikitty thinks Scratch is smart and radical.


Together, the two commit arson, although it's almost always on behalf of Scratch Kat and not really Zane.


  • Scratch Kat and Dawg's relationship is a direct reference to how Scratch Kat's design was inspired by certain episodes of the cartoon Tom and Jerry.
  • He retains his love for marshmellows, but is hyper protective of them and will chase anyone with marshmallows.
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