Scratch Kat

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Scratch Kat, the goofiest person alive.
Full Name Scratch Kat
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species  ???
Location Seattle
Align Chaotic Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Possible reality warping powers
Sexuality Pansexual
First Appearance Fantendo Users Battle Royal
Latest Appearance Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats
And that's the story of how I got banned from every KFC statewide!
Scratch Kat

Scratch Kat is a genetic experiment created on a now-dead planet.


Scratch Kat is overly enthusiastic and loves to have a great time. He prefers to view things in a positive light and always tries his best to make his friends feel as happy as they can.

Scratch, despite being a legal adult, behaves as an innocent kitten would, getting overly curious about things he shouldn't and finding himself in unsavory situations simply because he doesn't know not to.

Scratch Kat's emotions tend to exaggerate themselves to a comical extent, leading to excited bouts of joy as well as harrowing downpours of anxiety and sadness whenever he can't fix something just by being a nice guy.



Dawg is the closest thing to a brother Scratch Kat has, and provides nearly every ounce of food and luxury present in Scratch Kat's life. Dawg also serves as the cynical counterpoint to Scratch Kat's incredibly positive worldview.
Scratch Kat loves Dawg quite a bit, and often attempts to get him in on whatever he might be up to.

Lub Lub

Scratch sees Lub Lub for what he is: the awesome-est dude ever to bro it up on the face of the Earth.
Despite being taller than Lub Lub, Scratch Kat looks up to him as an example of what everyone should strive to be- super chill and totally rad. They're totally besties, man.


Scratch Kat is aware of Gog's existence. Supposedly, Scratch is one of the only beings to look at Gog and live to tell the tale, but one can't always trust rumors.

Puff the Dragon

Puff is Scratch Kat's "rival" of sorts when it comes to the competitive fighting game Battle On War Island.
After Scratch burned down the convention center that the latest tournament was being held at, they became friends.


Descriptions of all current timelines are located here.


Scratch Kat has been known to change his body at will, most often without realizing it. Here are some of the more recognizable alternate looks for him.

Goku Scratch
Goku Scratch Kat is a form obviously based off of the Dragon Ball Z character Son Goku.
Goku Scratch Kat first appeared in the SCRATCH KAT comic as a one-off visual gag before reappearing in FINAL COUNTDOWN. It is unknown whether or not this form gives the same abilities as the character it is based on.


Fantendo Users Battle Royale

Scratch Kat appears as a default character.

Fantendo Users Mega Rumble

He again appears as a default character.

Fantendo Basketball League

Scratch Kat appears as a playable character on Team Dimension.

Fantendo Ultimate Alliance

He appears as an unlockable character.

Fantendo Mayhem

Scratch appears as a default character.

Fantendo the Animated Series

Major character on the show, typically comic relief.

Overclocked (2015)

Finally getting his own series, Scratch Kat is a starting character here.

Crisis On Infinite Scratch Kats

Scratch stars in a game about his extended multiverse. Not only is he pointedly the main character, but several alternate versions of himself are also playable.


This goofy MS Paint comic showcases some of the silly things that Scratch Kat does in his free time.


  • Scratch Kat's design was inspired by certain episodes of the cartoon Tom and Jerry that featured blueprint versions of the main characters coming to life.
  • Thanks to a systems failure that occurred during the crash landing, Scratch is almost completely unaware of anything that happened before it.
  • Scratch plays Battle on War Island competitively. He's considered the thirteenth best player in the country.
  • Scratch Kat watches internet cat videos on repeat.
  • Scratch is a fan of hot chocolate, and he prefers to put in the marshmallows before the drink itself.
  • He eats hot chocolate with a fork.
  • Sometimes, Scratch Kat stays up all night for no reason. He just never goes to bed.
  • Scratch Kat has committed arson or more than one occasion.