Scratch's Katventures is a game released for the Wii U about ScratchKat made by CSketch and SuperScratchKat.


The story begins with Scratch finding a shiny slice of cheese in the middle of the forest, he decides to take it and put it in a sandwich, which ends up perfect. However, what Scratch doesn't know is that he's being spied on by an evil scientist who lives in a secret space station.

The scientist, named "Dr. Kravelle", is spying on Scratch because the slice of cheese actually has a crystal shard embedded inside, which Kravelle wants to power up his doomsday machine. Scratch is ambushed by Kravelle's army but he manages to escape by jumping out of a window and placing the sandwich inside his "infinte void" backpack, which he claims he got by beating a witch at Poker. Scratch runs away but is lured into a trap and the sandwich is taken from him before being hit in the back with a frying pan and being knocked unconscious.

Scratch wakes up in the hospital only to find he's been in a coma for about one week, he's then lured out of the hospital by a cloaked individual who reveals herself as "Marianne", Kravelle's daughter who tells Scratch about the crystal embedded inside the slice of cheese and about Kravelle's doomsday machine. After telling Scratch what's been going she convinces Scratch to help her stop Kravelle and she leads him to the city "Corielle" to figure out the next step.

Once they reach Corielle, Marianne explains that Kravelle is hiding in a special space station a few universes away, so they need to gather the parts for a special spaceship which Marianne has tried building on her own. Scratch sets out to find the parts but witnesses a bank being robbed by Kravelle's minions and stops them, making Kravelle aware of his presence in the process.

When Scratch goes back to the hideout with Marianne, he finds that she's angry because now that Kravelle knows Scratch is alive, their plan will be ruined.



The game itself resembles a hack n' slash, with the camera fixed behind ScratchKat's back, Scratch himself can use a set of attacks to take down enemies, as well as many combos, not only that but you can change the button of every attack in settings to customize your attacks as well as write down custom combos to remember them.

Scratch can also use his iconic cartoon abilities as special attacks of sorts, Scratch has a special bar below his health that slowly fills up as he does combos and counters attacks, once it reaches a certain point you'll be able to perform a special move. However, there's one special move that doesn't require the bar to be filled to a certain point, this move is "Anvil Crush" whih lets you set down an anvil in front of you, you can use this anvil for more than just combat, you can use it as a platform and even slide it around to solve puzzles.

The game also features a good amount of RPG elements, such as items you can buy and equip as well as upgrades to your health and strenght. While buying items and such requires gold collected throughout the level, certain upgrades can only be obtained by trading in "MegaPoints" which can be obtained by performing combos, counters, landing special moves and doing side objectives on stages (like rescuing a hostage, finding lost items, etc.)

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