Scrapple Rebuilt
Type of Company game company
Founder(s) Fennekinz64
Founded at/in 2014 March 29
Defunct at/in 2014 April 19
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Area(s) Served worldwide
Owner(s) FennekinZ64
No. of Employee(s) LogoPlus
Predecessor Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc
Successor Yolo Games
Parent Company Nintendo

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Scrapple Rebuilt is a company in which replaces Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc. Its main console is Scrapple64.It has been replaced by Yolo Games

Games Created

The little bit of games created by Scrapple Rebuilt

Pokémon series

  1. Pokémon Space and Time
  2. Pokemon Space 2 and Time 2

Racing series

  1. Fantendo Kart
  2. Fantendo Kart: All-Terrain

Legend of the Swords series

  1. Legend of the Swords episode 1

Nyan Cat Series

  1. Nyan Cat Adventures


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FennekinZ64 Stuff
Yolo Games Yolo Games-Kibian-Kibai
Kiba The Slime Adventures of Kiba
Falc Falc-The Fastest Peregrine Falcon On Earth
Characters Falc-Kiba
Fan Fiction Poképark Adventures
Other titles Island of Colabia-Ikimono Red and Yellow-Terrarimon

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