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Scrapple Handheld
The Scrapple Handheld
The Scrapple Handheld
Console Type Handheld Console
Subtype(s) Scrapple Handheld 2.0, Scrapple 3D Handheld
Dual Front Camera,Inner Camera, Game Boy And DS Slots
Backward Compatibility Can Play DS And Game Boy Games
Forward Compatibility Can Play Scrapple Handheld 2.0Games,Because They Are Technicly The Same
Scrapple Handheld Is A Console Made By Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc.It Is Heavily Based Off Of The 3DS.Special Versions Of The Console Had Pika Problem Solvers Installed 


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Consoles Scrapple UScrapple Handheld
Company Pages Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc.Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc./GamesScrapple Computer And Animation Inc./TV
Other titles Flip Out GalaxySuper Scratch Brawl

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