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The List Of Games Created By Scrapple

Pikaquest Series

Main Series

  1. Pikaquest-Original,Also Known As Pikaquest Alpha
  2. Pikaquest Beta-Short Running Boosted Version Of Pikaquest
  3. Questing Universe-A Big Addition To The Games.Often Abriviated QU
  4. Pikaquest Generation 3-A Game Based In Kalos.Abriviated Pikaquest Gen 3
  5. Pikaquest Generation 4-A Game With 4 Areas Based On The Movies.Abriviated Pikaquest Gen 4
  6. Pikaquest-Final Goodbyes-A Bonus Game With The Credits Of All Above Games.Was Based 14 Years After Gen 4
  7. A New Game To Be Announced At The Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase, Possibly Titled Pikaquest Heros

Side Series's

Dance Series

Pikaquest Made A Small Dancing Series Like Just Dance For People To Dance To Their Favorite Songs

(No Pages Have Been Made For These Games,For There Is No Purpose)

  1. Dance Yo Buns Off-1st In Series,Made In 2013
  2. Just Dance Questing Universe Edition-Special Game Made By Nintendo For Scrapple,1st Colab For Scrapple
  3. Dancing Game Pikaquest DLC-Unknown Info

Scrapple Series

  1. Scrapple Island-Scrapples First Major Role In A Video Game,Set Off To Save A Resort Island Under Seige.
  2. Scrapple Remodeled- Scrapple's Universe Gets Remodeled To A New Way, And A World Hidden Behind The Old Leads To New Enimies, New Characters, And A Talking Female Sword

Other Games

Colab Games With Fantendo Users

Saddly,No one Has Done A Colab With Scrapple

Big Name

  1. Flip Out Galaxy-Explore 100 Galaxy,Obtain 300 Power Stars,And Use The Magic Power To Flip Dimension And Gravity To Save Princess Peach And Mario From Bowser
  2. Super Scratch Brawl-TBA

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