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Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc.
Scrapple'S logo, Created By The Founder Himself
Type of Company Videogames
Founder(s) Cdp2003/Supagye/ScrappleTV/FennekinZ64
Founded at/in 2013
Headquarters Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Area(s) Served Canada And The US
Owner(s) Anyone.this company is over with
No. of Employee(s) Official Employes: cdp2003

supagye andrewjcole supercat101 agentroopassistant ScrappleTV Wikia Employees:

Predecessor Pikaquest Inc.
Parent Company Scrapple rebuilt

Scrapple Magazine Scrapple Weekly Scrapple Fans

Scrapple Computer And Animation Inc. (Commonly Known As Scrapple PC Inc,Scrapple Inc,And Scrapple) Is A Fan Scratch Company Founded By The User Cdp2003 (Supagye Is Test Account And ScrappleTV Is Animation). It's Website Can Be Found Here. Its Most Common Character And Mascot Is Scrapple A Simple Stickman With A Rectangle Body.It Made OS's And Makes TV Shows And Animations

WE'VE MOVED!we have remade our company at Scrapple rebuilt

Theme Times

Every So Often,Scrapple Takes On A New Theme And Makes Some Games About It, Takes A Break,Then Does Another Diffrent Theme.Their Themes Were:


Scrapple has created special Userboxes for their members! They are as follows:

Userbox Code



More coming soon!


Main Article:Click Here

TV And Animation

Main Article:Click Here


The Events That Take Place For Scrapple

  • Scrapple Day-Every April 15th, Celebrate Scrapple On The Wiki.More Comming Soon

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Consoles Scrapple UScrapple Handheld
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