Guaptain sat in his desk as the minutes of school ticked by. He watched his teacher make notes on the whiteboard as she explained an event in recent history.

Miss Airyanna: ...And so, John Bray nearly wiped out a race of innocent creatures. His whereabouts are still unknown. Any questions?

A loud beeping noise comes from Guaptain’s friend, Andy. He pulls a metallic device from his pocket.

Miss Airyanna: Andy! Turn off your phone!

Andy: This isn’t my phone, miss! This is a device that detects robots with malicious intent!

Miss Airyanna: Why do you have that?

Andy: No reason whatsoever.

Joe: Oh my, that sounds like trouble!

Guaptain: We have to go out and fight it!

Miss Airyanna: Absolutely not! It could be dangerous, and-

The shot immediately cuts to Guaptain and his friends running from the school building and into the forest nearby.

Miss Airyanna: Well, let’s just hope they’re alright…

Koloro is sitting at her house doing school work on her laptop, when her phone rings.

Koloro: Hello?

Mika Sho: Hey Koloro, it’s me, Mika! You want to go out and do something?

Koloro: Sure! I haven’t gotten out in a while.

Guaptain, Bob, Ashley, Tim, Joe and Andy are out in the woods.

Ashley: Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?

Tim: It doesn’t seem like a place a robot would be…

Andy: The device says we’re in the right direction. Bob: I’m tired! Surely we could take a rest?

Andy: Shut up, all of you! We could be saving lives here. Guaptain: Wait, there he is! In that clearing!

The Guap Squad members walk into the clearing, to see a yellow, beat up robot with his back to him. The robot turns around. Lectro: Hey there children! Surely you remember me!

Guaptain gasps.

Guaptain: Lectro!

The group had dealt with the robot many times before. Lectro flew into the air, and laughed.

Lectro: It’s nice to get you kids in a spot where I can kill you easily! No one’s around to save you now.

Ashley: You won’t get away with this, Lectro!

Lectro: Quite a cliched line, dear! Surely that school you go to is helping you to avoid sentences like those.

The Guap Squad got out their weapons. Guaptain took a bite out of his turkey leg, and transformed into Super Guap. The group was armed and ready with their weapons, and Guaptain was in the air.

Lectro: Get out your toys, children! I’m sure it’ll make you look threatening.

All six Guap Squad members charge at Lectro, and the scene cuts away to Koloro and Mika Sho walking by the school.

Koloro: It’s nice to be homeschooled. It’s cool having breaks like these.

Mika Sho: I imagine it is!

Koloro: Hey, how are you out of school today?

Mika Sho: I’m playing hooky.

Koloro: Oh!

Koloro frowns.

Koloro: Oh.

A yellow blur flies through the sky, and crashes into the school.

Mika Sho: Oh my god…

Koloro: That must be Lectro!

Koloro and Mika rush down to the school. Inside, a voice blares over the intercom.

Intercom: This is a code red going on, this is not a drill, please lock your doors.

Lectro grins a huge grin, and charges a laser towards a classroom door with his arm cannon. Before he can fire, Mika strikes him with fire, knocking him away. His arm canon blasts the ceiling, and a chunk of it lands on him.

Mika Sho: Give it up, Lectro!

Lectro gets up.

Lectro: Quite a cliched line, dear! Surely this school we’re in is helping you to avoid sentences like those.

Mika Sho: Quit with the wise-cracking! The Guap Squad will join us, and you’ll be out-numbered!

Lectro: Sorry, hun! The Guapster and his friends are ocupado at the moment.

Koloro: How?

Lectro: They’re on a wild goose chase as of now! I was planning to do this without you two, but no matter! I’ll take care of you myselves.

Lectro fires a blast of energy at Koloro, which she dodges. Koloro blasts color at Lectro’s eye, knocking his head backward.

Lectro: You children have some pretty good aim! Anyone ever told you that?

The scene cuts to The Guap Squad fighting Lectro. Guaptain and Lectro are trading punches in the air. BONG!

Guaptain: Ow!

Lectro: I’m made out of metal, kiddo! Why on earth would you try and punch steel?

A large flower grows from the ground, with Ashley on top. Ashley shoots a jet of water at him from a watering can, but he dodges it.

Lectro: You’re attacking with water out of all things? Pathetic!

Andy: Can you quit it with the one-liners?

Lectro: Nahhhh!

The scene cuts back once more to Koloro and Mika fighting Lectro. Lectro sweeps a laser across the floor, knocking both Koloro and Mika over.

Lectro: Downed already? I thought this would be more fun!

Mika attacked Lectro with fire, and he starts to burn.

Lectro: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Lectro flies around, trying to shake off the flames. He eventually explodes, and his parts scatter across the floor. It leaves ash and flames on the walls and floor.

Mika Sho: He died as he lived.

Koloro: As the king of one-liners?

Mika Sho: As the king of one-liners.

The scene cuts back to the Guap Squad. Guaptain and Lectro are flying through the air, firing lasers at each other. Andy flies up with a jet-pack, and downs Lectro with a metallic baseball bat.

As Lectro falls, Ashley and Joe wrap Lectro up with vines and a lasso, and he is slammed to the floor. Bobtain lights him on fire with a fireball, and the rest of the group attacks him. He eventually deactivates.

Bob: He seemed weak this time around.

Tim: Eh, I dunno. Maybe he was just having an off-day.

Guaptain: Come on guys, let’s get back to school!

Bob: Do we have to?

Andy: Bob!

Bob: Alright, alright! Jeez.

The Guap Squad walk through the school doors, only to see the students and staff talking with Koloro and Mika in front of the wreckage.

Miss Airyanna: There you are! Are you guys okay?

Koloro: Where were you guys? We could’ve used some help fighting Lectro!

Guaptain: You couldn’t have been fighting Lectro, we were out fighting him!

Mika Sho: Of course not! What do you think all of this is?

Andy: Wait a second, we were both fighting him, weren’t we?

Koloro: Oh no… that must mean…

Mika Sho: Somebody is making more.

The shot pulls back to show all of the characters sitting in silence.

Miss Airyanna: I’m never letting any of you out of my sight again.

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