Scourge is a blue hedgehog who resembles Sonic(One more to go!)


Escaping his own dimmension using Chaos Control, Scourage seeks an audience with his half brother: Sonic


Things are very different here, there is no hero mode, Dark Mission Characters are Fiona Fox and Dr. Eggman, Neutral Mission Characters are E-123 Omega, Shadow and Rouge


Scourge is a very unique character, he equals Sonic and Shadow, lacks strengh but masters melee, so there aren't many items to collect except for guns and items that you keep for the whole game, these include black gloves, a leather jacket, sun glasses and black leather boots


Neutral mode bosses are the Egg-Breaker 3.0 and Fiona and Dark mode bosses are Sonic, Shadow and G.U.N. forces


Enemies include Fiona telling you to kill the soldiers and Shadow and Co. telling you to destroy Badniks


Scourge's Melee is unbeatable and his Homing attack's colour is green, with a full Dark Gauge you can use Chaos Blast and with a full Neutral Gauge you glow green and your blue fur turns green and your eyes turn blue you gain invincibility, unlimited ammo and increased speed

Last Story

Previously, Super Silver destroyed Ultimate Mephiles but now Scourge finaly finds Sonic he uses the Super Emeralds to become Hyper Sonic, so Scourge uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Scourge his eyes turn red and his fur magneta purple, they both teleport to the moon and settle this dispute, if you deplete all of Hyper Sonic's health He will use Chaos Control to teleport you back to prison in your own dimmension, cruel though it be it was the only way to stop you


Scourge the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman

Fiona Fox

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