Scoundrogoss, as he appears in New Super Mario World.
Full Name Scoundrogoss
Gender Male
Species Scoundog
Current Status Alive
Koopa Troop
Main Weapon(s) Fangs, teeth
Vulnerable To Stomp, fireballs, bites, spin jumps
First Appearance New Super Mario World

Scoundrogoss is an enlarged Scoundog that will first appear in the upcoming Wii U game New Super Mario World, where he'll rule all the mid-world fortresses of the odd-numbered worlds. His name is a portmanteau of the word Scoundog (the species Scoundrogoss belongs to) and boss (due to his boss status).


Super Mario series

New Super Mario World

Scoundrogoss will first appear in this upcoming game. He's a minor antagonist in the game, as he'll rule over all the mid-world fortresses of the odd-numbered worlds. He was a regular Scoundog, but when the player(s) will arrive at the end of the first tower, Kamek will appear and turn him into Scoundrogoss. Starting from this point, Scoundrogoss will appear at the end of some the fortresses. Kamek, in a similar way how he gave some special abilities to Boom Boom in New Super Mario Bros. U, will always power Scoundrogoss up. To beat him, the player(s) will have to jump on his head 3 times. Here's his attack pattern for each fortress where he will appear:

  • Yoshi's New Island-FortressMBR: He'll attack by jumping. He'll also open his mouth, trying to bite the player(s).
  • Orangina Seaside-FortressMBR: The room where he'll be fought will contain some water. Scoundrogoss will swim, keeping his body underwater with only the head out. He'll swim around the room, opening his mouth to bite the player(s), possibly throwing him into water.
  • Honey Forest-FortressMBR: He'll try to eat the player(s), by opening his mouth and run around the battlefield.
  • Cotton Candy Clouds-22px-PDSMBE-Fortress1: He'll climb the walls and jump on the battlefield, trying to crush the player(s). He'll also launch some bombs.