Get over here!
Scorpion's trademark yell when he uses his Spear

Scorpion is one of the DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. Kombat. He appears in the Kombat Pack that was going to be released in late 2017.


Scorpion is a yellow clad ninja with a flaming skull which is covered by his mask.

Special Moves

Fireball (Neutral Special) - Scorpion shoots a fireball from his hands to the opponent. Does 13% damage.

Spear (Side Special) - Scorpion unleashes his kunai attached to a rope straight across the screen. If an opponent touches the kunai, he/she will be dragged over to Scorpion, allowing a free hit. Does 20% damage. (Custom 1) The spear is on fire. (Custom 2) Scorpion unleashes two spears.

Upwards Spear (Up Special) - Scorpion unleashed his Spear move in the air to grab onto edges of a platform to recover. Anyone who touches the kunai will be dragged over to Scorpion, allowing a free hit. Does 18% damage.

Teleport Punch (Down Special) - Scorpion teleports to the other side of the screen and punch his opponent. Does 5% damage.

Toasty! (Final Smash) - Scorpion takes off his mask and shoots fireballs at his opponents, doing high knockback and 3% damage. If Sub-Zero touches the flames in World of Smash in Scorpion's Story when he is facing him., he will be defeated instantly.

Other Moves

Grab - Scorpion grabs his opponent and stabs them with his kunai three times and kicks them away (Side Grab). Scorpion grabs and throws his opponent on the other side of the arena and unleashes his spear into their head and slams them down on the floor (Backwards Grab). Scorpion throws the opponent to the air and uses his Teleport Punch move to slam the opponent to the ground (Upwards Grab). Scorpion goes through a hole leading to the Netherrealm with his opponent and slams them to the ground (Downwards Grab).

Specter Throw - An alternate throw available in his MK9 costume where he throws his opponent into a hell hole and they fall on the ground. They get the "burn" status effect after this move.

For my Family - When facing Sub-Zero in his story in World of Smash, this is his grab move. When he uses his Teleport Punch move followed by a grab move afterwards. He stabs him with a kunai two times and leg scissors trips him.

Smash Move - Scorpion does a powerful force palm (Side). Scorpion kicks the opponent to the air (Up). Scorpion slashes his opponent downwards with his sword (Down).

Taunt - Scorpion pulls out his sword (which is on fire) (Neutral). Scorpion says "To hell with you!" to his opponent (Side).



Scorpion jumps out from a fiery hole leading to the Netherrealm and says "Vengeance will be mine!". Similar to his intro in MK9.

Victory Pose

Scorpion does his MKX victory animation.

Losing Pose

Scorpion starts clapping.

Death animation

In World of Smash, Scorpion falls to the ground, motionless.


  • "Get over here!"
  • "Come here!"
  • "Get the fuck over here!"
  • "Get over here, bitch!"
  • "Come here, bitch!"
  • "To hell with you!"
  • "Vengeance will be mine!"

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