You may be looking for Scorch the Piranagon, a character who appears in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time.
Real Name Shawn Julau
Age 22
Height 5'6
Weight 153 lbs
Resides West Nyūshitī
Origin Porū
Appearances LC
Species Human
Allies Wave
Akuma Doragon
Enemies Zero
Sensei Daitai
Jack Adams
Weapons Kunai
Fighting Styles Nessen
Alignment Neutral
Let fire take you!
Scorch's battle cry, Lethal Combat

Scorch is a character in the Lethal Combat series. He is one of the original characters, debuting in the original Lethal Combat game.

About Scorch

Scorch was introduced as a yellow ninja, capable of using fire. At first, he seemed to be a normal ninja, but was later revealed to be corruptd by evil. He worshipped Sensei Daitai, before finding out that he was the murderer of Scorch's family. During his childhood, he was saved by Long Sai from a fire that killed his parents, brother, and uncle. Ever since then, he was trained as a Nessen-shi, but was fed lies by Long Sai, corrupting his mind and making him power-crazed. He entered the Combat Compitition to get revenge on Daitai.




  • Lethal Combat: "Scorch is a skilled warrior from West Nyūshitī. He is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. He is a Nessen-shi, meaning he is blessed with powerful fire abbilities. He joined the Combat to get revenge on his family's murderer, Sensei Daitai."


  • Lethal Combat: "After killing Daitai, Scorch knew he had fulfilled his 20 year-long goal, but there was something missing. After his parents were killed, a man by the name of Long Sai adopted him and trained him all he knew about the Nessen. After his death, an invisible void appeared inside Scorch. It grew over the 4 years he had died, and Scorch had now realized it's full effects. He knew Long had been poisoned, but by who he did not know. All he did know, is that his new goal was to avenge Long Sai by killing his murderer."


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