The Scirevicis Academy is a school for magic located in Archoeia (the capital of Marais), and the most well-known magic school on Aeo.


The Scirevicis Academy has a wide range of subjects available for students to study. Students can choose any number of classes, from each of the three different categories: General Magic, Magic Schools and Mundane classes. Generally, only one or two classes are chosen from each although that is not a requirement nor a limit.

There are three grades (or years) of each subject, and multiple classes (represented by different letters) per grade depending on how many students study that subject (for example, Chronomancy 2B is the second class of the second-grade Chronomancy subject).

General Magic

These are classes which apply to magic use regardless the school.

  • Basic Magic: Explanation of how magic energy is collected and stored.
  • Enchanting: Writing runes and general enchanting.

Magic Schools

The Scirevicis Academy has classes available for every known school of magic.


These are non-magic related subjects, which the Academy still considers useful for their students to learn (rather than go without or study at another non-magic school within Marais), as many of their students join the Academy before completion of their mundane education.

  • World History: History of Aeo in general.
  • Marain History: History of Marais.
  • Kresthitan History: History of Kresthita and the Kresthitan Empire.
  • Religion: The Kresthitan Pantheon.
  • Fitness: Physical education and exercise.
  • Weapon Use: The use of weapons in combat; there are a number of weapon use classes available, for different types of weapons. Weapon use classes are offered in association with the Hunter's Guild, who often seek to recruit graduated students from the Academy.


Scirevicis Academy gains new students in many ways. They receive student applications, but generally only accept them if the applicant has a family history of magic or shows high potential. They also make regular visits to various schools and orphanages throughout Marais, to find children with high potential (generally beginning training at 16, although there are exceptions both younger and older).

Once a student reaches their second year at the Academy, they are required to perform contracts for the Academy, which are given by citizens of Marais or the Kresthitan Empire. Students are paid for each contract performed, and they also count towards their grades for their classes.

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