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Schrodinger's Scraps
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Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.

Schrodinger's Scraps is an RPG crossover title featuring characters from various Fantendo titles. The game actually features six different smaller stories encompassing a larger, overarching one. The game features many references to tarot cards and the 22 major arcanas.


A man in a robe approaches the three travellers, his hands trembling as his carriage bounces against the rocky terrain. He stops in front, and reveals his home, a quaint little place where he lives out his dace. "Hello, dear travellers." he says out loud, "You all seem troubled about your futures, your minds."
He smiles creepily, his skin stretching over his bones. He opens his palm to show a deck of cards. "Come on pick a card, and we'll discover your binds."
The traveller in the middle, raises their eyebrow in confusion. "I'm confused." With a nod the others agree. "What does that mean?"
The man in the robe shows them the cards. "You and your mates, your minds are behind." His card glows blue and begins to ascend. "See your future; the end of mankind."
"The end of mankind?" "What the hell does that mean?"
"Your futures, your powers, they decide your fate. So which will you choose? Or will you be too late?"
They look at each other before touching a card.

Temperance Story

Tower Story

Judgement Story

Strength Story

Hanged Story

The World Story


The Teller is a strange man who wears a dark blue hood marked with the various symbols of the Zodiac. He has strange powers, granting them to others under his guise of a fortune teller.

Danny is a knight-in-training with a great sense of humour. Danny has a slight crush on Mika, though she sees him more as a brother than a friend, as they had known each other since childhood.

Mika is a fire-headed girl with a short temper, though when not angry she is extremely friendly and nice. She is helpful and cares deeply for her friends.

Zelix is a calm and collected video game player, he is an optimist who does not react badly to disappointing or overly dramatic. His cousin is Mika Sho, and they have been travelling together ever since they were abandoned by their uncle

Temperance Story





Tower Story




Sly the Paperfox

Crimson the Roserade

Judgement Story

Rosa Yorkwich


Blaze the Dewott

Alice Harumi

Strength Story





Doug Simaa

Hanged Story



Wave the Raccoon


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