School of Mario is the first episode of Series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 1st June, 2015. The episode will have a follow-up, High on Pepsi.



The Mushroom Kingdom is invaded by the villians, throwing Mario and Peach out and capturing some of the characters. The various characters train up before they take on the baddies.

Bowser lies in his castle, confused what is going on. Lemmy, however, says that he can try and trick someone into joining him and use them. Bowser says that it is difficult but he wishes him luck.

Rievoah is seen trying to fight off a Boo, but realising she can confuse it and slap it to defeat it. Lemmy spots her and says that they can work together to take on the baddies. They spot King Boo laughing at the top of the taken over Peach's Castle (or Boo's Castle, as it is known now).

Meanwhile, King Boo is speaking to Petey Piranha. He asks him if ruling the Mushroom Kingdom is fun, with Petey nodding. He says that Mario and Co. are going to attack, so they must be organised. Police Guy then suddenly shows up. He uses his Teaser to stun King Bob-Omb, but he is just grabbed and thrown away.

Lemmy tries to use the Carrot powerup, but does not know how to use it. Luigi says he has to bring his weight up. Lemmy does this, but crashes into a wall. Rievoah finds a Volt Mushroom but does not know its purpose, so she stacks it in her house.

Police Guy is seen with Peach, inside a cafe. He is concerned about what the fate of the Mushroom Kingdom will be. Peach says that she is not sure where she will stay, but Police Guy says he has a fold out bed where he lives. Peach accepts the offer and says that she is sure to think of something.

King Boo, at 4:00a.m. that night, shouts at the top of the lungs, causing everyone to hear him. He says that the kingdom is doomed and that they will either be slaves or die, ending the episode on a cliffhanger.


Traning Scene

  • Lemmy : "Now, just don't let anything distract you!"
  • Rievoah : "Yeah, sure..."
  • (Rievoah spots Toad and starts blushing)
  • Toad : "Oh... He...llo."
  • Rievoah : "So... Are you... doing anything tonight?"
  • (Rievoah stares at Toad with her eyes closed and a very big smile)
  • Lemmy : "Rievoah, stop slacking off! We better get this going!"

Castle Scene

  • Petey Piranha : "Rar rar!"
  • King Boo : "What? What is it?"
  • Petey Piranha : "Rum rum! Roo roo! Rah rah!"
  • King Bob-Omb : "He's saying that the King and Queen have sent out an army to take us down."
  • King Boo : "Oh damn..."
  • King Bob-Omb : "It's not that bad."
  • King Boo : "It's that so, Big Bulk?"
  • King Bob-Omb : "Gee, cracker, calm down."