Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action/Adventure

Scheherazade is a game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. It is an action/adventure game which revolves around the adventures of Scheherazade and her best friend Loubna. Many of the chapters in the game are based off stories from One Thousand and One Night, of which Scheherazade is the protagonist.


In Scheherazade you are able to explore the world in a 3D open world where you can move into any direction. You can walk with the normal control stick and move the camera around with the other. The game's gameplay can be compared to that of The Legend of Zelda although with notable differences.

There are various locations in the game that have to be explored. Each location often has a dungeon of which at the end lies a magical treasure. Throughout the game you obtain various treasures, useful objects etc. that can only be for collecting but also can be used as items in game. However Scheherazade is only able to wield one item at a time. She can switch between items using the R or L buttons to circle through the items. Another way is to touch the desired item on the gamepad itself when used.

The item that is equipped at that moment can be used by pressing the B-button. The Peacock Staff however has multiple elements to switch between for which the ZR or ZL buttons must be used. Jumping can be performed with the A-button. Interacting with persons, objects etc. can be done with the X-button. And lastly using the Jinn powers can be done with the Y-button.

The magical objects each have different properties. As said before the Peacock Staff has various elements attached to it and is the most offensive weapon in the game used to fight off enemies. However the elements have to be collected from different regions. Other objects like the Magic Carpet for example is used for hovering in the air, and can transport Shera much faster. The Magic Carpet however also has the use to quickly fly to a caravan rest point at any location visited on the map.

Jinns are magical creatures of which some are locked up in lamps, bottles, urns etc. while others were impossible to catch and still roam the world. Throughout the journey the Jinn, Genesis, becomes an ally of Shera. As he tags along his powers keep growing. He can be called for assistance and can remain outside of his lamp until his magic runs out. After that he returns.

A caravan rest point is another name for a save point. The caravan rest points are, as the name says, small points where caravans come to rest on their journey's. There is always one located in the big kingdoms. 

There is a multiplayer option available for the game. The second player will control the best friend of Shera, Loubna, who otherwise would only appear in cutscenes along with Shera. While Loubna is in play she can also use the same magical items as Shera, as long Shera doesn't have that one equipped already.




Playable characters

  • Scheherazade
  • Loubna

Guest characters

  • Aladdin
  • Ali Baba
  • Sinbad

Non-playable characters


  • Dunyazade
  • Rafi
  • Herazade
  • Sultan Shahryar
  • Schazzenan
  • Kazeem


  • Sultan Harun
  • Princess Jasmine
  • Jafar
  • Iago


  • Sultan Agni
  • Prince Hussain
  • Prince Ali
  • Prince Ahmed
  • Princess Nouronnihar


  • Sultan Sona
  • Sultan Midas (deceased)
  • Morgiana
  • Cassim


  • Abu
  • The Peddler


Name Title Jinn Specialty
Herazade Genie of Life Herazade is the only genie capable of bribing new life into the world. She can manifest flora and fauna out of nothing, but also is the only genie able to reproduce.
Madrid Genie of Destruction Madrid possesses a powerful death magic that is often used to instantly kill a person, or cause other effects like poison and corrosion. Aside from his special death magic he also is advanced at using all elemental magic.
Shaitan Genie of Calamity Shaitan is most arguably the most powerful elemental user, capable to creating tornado's, eruptions, tsunami's and more. Though it comes at the cost that it will use a lot of his magic.
Au Genie of Gold Au herself appears to be made out of gold, but anything she touches (or touches her) will be turned into gold as well, making her indestructible.
Qareen Genie of Deceit Qareen is a fast tongue and can easily mislead people, but aside from that he also has illusionary magic to trap people in, allowing him to take over their consciousness.
Shiva Genie of Frost Shiva is the only genie who can use the highest Frost spells, even surpassing Shaitan in that matter. Her whole magic is reliant on frost magic.
Ifrit Genie of Inferno Ifrit is the most powerful inferno magic user, an advanced version of fire that also includes lava. He can even enhance other objects (like rocks) with his magic.
Doublan Genie of Mischief Doublan is a small genie who no one ever was able to catch duo to his powers to turn invisible. He has, like Qareen, illusionary powers but uses his to alter his appearance, position and more.
Kertenkele Genie of Reptiles Kertenkele has control over all reptiles in existence and uses them as he pleases. His own body also has been infected with it. He can alter the size of reptiles, and enhance their abilities.
Ayna Genie of Faith Ayna formerly was a genie who didn't possess much power but when she got trapped in a mirror she could tell the future of their master's spouse, whether they were loyal or not.
Desiree Genie of Wealth Desiree somehow can conjure up anything that has to do with possessions. She can make it rain money, treasure, gems and much more.
Jane Genie of Sight Jane isn't the most powerful Jinn, but has a good sense of fashion and can permanently alter a person's appearance.
Genesis Genie of Youth Genesis doesn't have a specialty and is often looked down by that on others.


Name Description
Persianda The southern kingdom ruled by Shahryar. Samarkand is, aside from the capital, the largest city in the kingdom and also known as the city of stone.
Agrabah The western kingdom ruled by Harun. The Cave of Wonders is located in the deserts of Agrabah. It is the hottest of all the kingdom and is known for its many miracles.
Indies The eastern kingdom ruled by Agni. The Indies has a lot more of flora than the other kingdoms and is the largest trading point in Arabia.
Romani The northern kingdom ruled by Sona, the only female sultan. Romani is a lot more progressed than the other kingdoms and has stone streets, marble bath houses and more.
Eternal Desert This immense desert lies between the four kingdoms and is almost impossible to cross because of the lack of vegetation, no water and the burning hot sun. In the middle of the eternal desert are the Baghdad Ruins.
Baghdad Ruins The Baghdad Ruins is a large abandoned kingdom which currently is in ruins. It was the capital of the five kingdoms and was a neutral kingdom, but got destroyed overnight by an unknown force.
Pyramid Valley It is a small village that is close to Persianda which is built around a large pyramid in which a king of the past is buried.


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