Scattered Clockwork
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
October 21 2016
Genre(s) Platform-Puzzle

Scattered Clockwork is a platforming video game. The game was developed by Equinox and published by Nintendo, exclusively on the Wii U in 2016. Featuring 2.5D-centered platforming, the gameplay is based around the use of projectiles, known as time-bombs, which can be used to solve many puzzles included in the game.

The game follows the story of protagonist Charles Dickinson, the shy stuttering assistant of Professor Gabriel, as he is sent on a journey, guided by robotic escort Ameleigh, to collect the remaining parts of a time-machine developed by his boss before King Deus does, in order to stop the world from being torn apart.


Scattered Clockwork is a side-scrolling platform game viewed from "2.5D" perspective. The player controls Charles Dickinson, the protagonist of the game, through large levels. The goal of most levels is to reach the end by solving platform-puzzles and defeating enemies- however, sometimes the method is different, such as having to stay hidden throughout the level or having to find something specific in the huge landscapes.

One of the game's biggest themes is time, which is highlighted by the gameplay mechanic of timebombs. Timebombs are projectiles thrown by the player which, when hitting an object, will restore it to whatever it used to be- albeit only temporarily, lasting about fifteen seconds at most. For example, if a switch was broken or malfunctioning, hitting it with a timebomb would restore it and make it properly function once again but the player would have to act fast to get to it before it transforms back into its original form. This is where the majority of the game's puzzle element comes from.

The levels are huge and expansive with many different ways to reach the end- however, the game's earlier levels are more linear and certain routes will have you end in the same place in order for a scripted event to take place. Due to the game's 2.5D-styled gameplay, the player can use the environment, such as swinging clock arms that swing forward and backward instead of left and right, to visit optional routes that could initially appear to be simply part of the background. Throughout the levels, there may also be secret areas scattered about, which may contain Coloured Cogs (shiny-looking cogs that can be spent on pieces that can be used to upgrade your equipment or purchasing extra lives) or Calling Cards which, when found, activate secret levels or secret boss battles.








Character Description
Mechariah New Design (Nano)
Charles name
Charles John Dickinson is the lead protagonist of the game. He is the soft-spoken yet loyal assistant of Professor Gabriel, who has acted as his father figure since he was young. He prefers to stay silent rather than converse with others. When he does, he usually muddles up his sentences or stutters. Charles yearns to be appreciated but doesn't know how to go about it- almost to the point where he needs other people's approval to appreciate himself- but as the game goes on, while still keeping most of his shy and nervous nature, he starts growing out of his need to be appreciated and learns to appreciate himself.
Robot Girl No Name
Robot name
Ameleigh is the robotic deuteragonist of the game, who acts as an escort and guide to Charles. She is the indifferent and seemingly unfeeling project invented by Professor Gabriel as a walking-talking encyclopaedia, equipped with a map which she uses to help guide the protagonist. Since she was created in a laboratory and is completely mechanical, she appears to initially have no emotions and is extremely literal- with no sense of humor, perception of sarcasm or awareness of common human social cues. Her relationship with Charles at first is completely formal and professional, but as the game continues, the two bond and Ameleigh feels an attachment to Charles that she can't explain, due to having no emotions.


  1. The original concept of the game was a Rocket Riley reboot but eventually, inspired by Mechariah's redesign, the game suddenly took off in another direction and changed significantly.
    1. Scattered Clockwork's connection to Rocket Riley can be noted by the similarities between Charles Dickinson's design and Mechariah's original design.