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A Scaredy Rat


Scaredy Rats are ratlike critters that appear in the Mario series. They often appear in groups, and will steal items from Mario. They are found in haunted mansion levels.


They first appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, in the Ghost Houses. They are found in areas with staircases and run away if Mario approaches them. They can be dispatched in quick succession for easy 1-Ups.

Scaredy Rats appear in the Enigmansion level of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Here, they fulfill the role of Bandits from the previous games. They quickly charge at Mario on the field, and in battle, they often steal his stickers. Even after the Enigmansion is cleared of ghosts, Scaredy Rats continue to appear in the mansion.


  • Scaredy Rats are often erroneously referred to as Little Mousers, a different but somewhat similar mouse species.
  • "Scaredy Rat" is a pun on "Scaredy Cat", a term for a cowardly person.

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