Scarecrow Kid
Scarecrow Kid by WereWaffle
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth April 5th
Gender Male
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Christmas Town
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Height 6'05"
Weight 95 lbs
First Appearance Frozen Up

"Scarecrow Kid" (for lack of an actual name provided in Frozen Up) is one of the main antagonists of (TBA).  He is an egotistic villain that is known for committing much mischief within the galaxy of Woodinn.



Physical Appearance

Scarecrow Kid leans tall above his victims, being taller than even Hene. His face resembles that of a pumpkin that you would see on the day of Halloween, with a glow present in only his right eye. Atop him is a witch's hat, purple and pointy. His long, slender body is covered by purple robes, and his hands have white gloves. His feet are covered up by brown boots. Arms and legs are not visible, they're covered up by the long sleeves provided by the clothing behind his robes.


Scarecrow Kid is between fast and slow, able to move very well in the darkness and can dissolve into the shadows to move across them.  He can harness the power of the moon (which can behave as a spotlight) and unleash wrath on his enemies using lunar energy, or create paths of his foes' bones to get across areas.


Scarecrow Kid is egotistic, and behaves a lot as if he were a man on commercials instead of an actual villain.  He acts as if he were always speaking to a wide audience instead of to himself, and loves to display his abilities to the general public.  Scarecrow Kid absolutely loves the spotlight and do whatever it takes to have it, even if it means doing completely insane things.  He is also extremely talkative and doesn't like to wait for others to finish speech, always finding excuses to butt in and talk.

He is best described as out of his mind and a psycho, doing what it takes to accomplish his goals, and loves the sweet taste of blood.  If he spots someone bleeding, he'll chase after them out of a blood lust.





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