Scar is the main protagonist in the Wicked Nature' series. He is a purple scorpion. He first appeared in Wicked Nature where him and his friends, Razor and Snipe had to stop Titan from crushing the planet.
Full Name Scar
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location None
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Teeth, Stinger, Pincers


In truth, Scar, Razor, and Snipe were, along with the cast of enemies in Wicked Nature, part of the devil's spawn of monsters meant to bring the world to armageddon, which they were successful in doing. However, the 3 of them were accidently spawned in remote locations. They had been like the rest of the devil's army, but with nothing to attack, they had no purpose. Years of being independent together gave them minds of their own. They eventually became smart enough to know right from wrong, which is why they are now heroes.


Though he is in fact a hero, Scar only focuses on solving the bigger problems in the world. He won't just assist someone for the sake of being a hero. If the world is being threatened, he will do what he can. He is also extremely protective of his allies.

Powers & Abilities

Scar is incredibly fast and agile and can run for very long durations. He can also jump quite high and far. His sting also hurts more than most of the other scorpions.