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Scandinavian Arcade Man
Current Age 24
Date of Birth 17 August 2004
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Helsinki, Finland
Current Status Alive
Ethnicity Swedish
Height 6'5 (195cm)
Weight 143 lbs. (64.9 kg)
First Appearance Scandinavian Arcade Man

Scandinavian Arcade Man, more commonly referred to as Scam, is the main antagonist of Scandinavian Arcade Man. He is a criminal and a mercenary who was hired by the Kätketty, aka an undercover mafia that does crime business all across Scandinavia. He is a master of tricks and very care-free, and spends his time in arcades.


Scam lived in Helsinki for his entire life, and spent majority of his freetime in arcades, as he was not allowed at home until night time because of his abusive father. His talent at arcade gaming became great, and he was challenged by a member of the Kätketty and later hired into the group.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Scam has messy red hair which goes down to his shoulders. He wears a long, brown trench coat with lots of pockets to hold all of his change in. He wears brown boots as well. Underneath, he wears a black buttoned shirt and black pants.


Scam values himself a lot and does not allow others to speak lowly of him. He expects to be treated highly by others, and is very manipulative in order to get his wish. He has a fair sense of humour, but if the jokes are directed at him he will not accept it.


Scam is skilled at arcade games. He also is good with magic tricks, which he uses to fight.


  • His real name is currently unconfirmed.

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