Current Age 16
Date of Birth March 02
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Anti-Hero
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Grieve (father), Mallory (mother)
Main Weapon(s) Steam Gun
Vulnerable To Water/Fire
A baby created by two of the darkest and most twisted forces in existence.
A nurse, describing Scaide at birth.

Scaide is the biological daughter of Mallory and Grieve, hailing from the Zaxinian Lifts originally, before moving to the New Fantendoverse to live with her father, Grieve. She used to live alone in the Zaxinian Lifts, working as a bar worker through lying about her age on the resume, in terrible accommodation. After learning after her dad through a private eye investigation, she moved in with him.


For starters, Scaide is a very obsessive person. She finds it very hard to keep her compulsions under control when they occur. Her obsessions are very random and can be very deep, meaning she becomes very emotionally invested in them, and if anyone outright dismisses or opposes something she is invested in emotionally, she will be driven mad. She is also a big believer in karma and other religious prophecies, but doesn't preach them annually. 

She is also very aggressive and angry. She easily lets her anger get the better of her and can often be found in very heated situations. 


Her full abilities have yet to be explored, however it is likely she is a heavy hitter and very good at fighting against others in fist-fights.


Tessellate: Mind Games


  • The basis of her character was created using the Zaxinian Lifts character generator.