I became a hero to fight for justice, not insanity. You could say I fight in a rather..."unique" style, but does that mean I'd turn into a villain after all that's happened? I don't think so.
Aidan Versace, "Sawblade"

Current Age 15
Date of Birth August 14th, 1999
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Telekenetic sawblades.
Ability/ies Mind-speak, levitation, telekenesis, flight
First Appearance Sawblade
Latest Appearance Sawblade
Aidan Versace, also known as Sawblade, is the main character from the Sawblade series. He has the powers of flight and telekenesis, as well as having two sharp sawblades to mind-control. The character makes his debut in Sawblade, the first game in his series. Since then, he's appeared in many spin-offs, crossovers, and of course, his own series.


Aidan's family has a history of telekenesis, starting in the mid-15th century. A man named Jocelyn Versace had mastered telekenesis thanks to an unknown woman, and the power passed down from generations. Aidan's grandma, Lucy, had telekenesis, which did not pass down to Aidan's mom, Madilyn. However, when he was just a baby, Aidan had already learned (but not mastered) telekenesis, which he demonstrated by lifting up his mother's rocking chair.


Aidan has the power of telekenesis. Using this power on sawblades, and moving his hand to directly control them, Aidan has complete power of them. Aidan can also "mind-speak" with others, such as other telekenetic people. Aidan can also levitate, being able to float for meditation or to create the illusion he's jumping really high, so his enemies can try to attack him, but get attacked by Aidan instead.