"Savior (Fantendo Now)"
Season 2, episode 9
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"By Candlelight"

Savior is the tenth episode in the second season of Fantendo Now. It is the twenty-sixth episode overall.


Leah is captured by the Twisted Cross and is forced to help destiny decide whether the Twisted Cross should fall or be saved after Beth escapes. Meanwhile, Susan Syringe makes a difficult choice.


Written by Exotoro

Leah wakes up in a chair, tied up. She glances around, noticing the arid conditions outside.

Leah: I don't get why we're doing this outside, X-Ray.

Susan Syringe walks over. Leah flinches.

Susan: X-Ray? Don't tell me that she's still with you, that sinful locust.

Leah spits on the ground.

Leah: So what if she is?

Leah watches as Beth Operatino suddenly comes into view from behind her. She notices she has purple hair.

Leah: Guys, you can't just dye someone to take the prophecy role for you.
Susan: Her green hair was the dyed part. She has been purple since birth, just like you.
Leah: Did you kidnap her when she was a kid too?
Susan: Nonsense... we merely abducted her as an adult. With far better results than you.

Leah frowns. Kathleen and Olivia enter the scene.

Olivia: How do we begin the procedure?
Susan: Well, we'll need the cross obviously. You have that, right?
Olivia: Kathleen, did you forget it?
Kathleen: I was supposed to get the cross?
Susan: Jesus fucking christ, yes. Why the hell do you think we told you that all week? Hurry the fuck up, we don't have much time.

Leah kicks her feet back and forth.

Leah: So... what am I doing here?
Susan: We tied you up so that you wouldn't stop us and bring us down.
Leah: So I just sit back and watch, huh.
Susan: I suppose. You know, I don't like seeing you like this, helpless and out of control but-

Leah attempts to get free but finds a metal lock.

Susan: Yeah, you're not going anywhere.

Leah sighs in frustration.

Unten, Rachel, PalmMan, Sakeena, and Strafe are eating sub sandwiches when suddenly X-Ray walks in.

X-Ray: You guys seen Leah?
Unten: Oh god, is she finally gone?
PalmMan: I mean that's a little rude, but is she seriously gone?

Strafe and Rachel look at the two with a serious look.

X-Ray: So I take it that nobody knows where she is... that's fine...
Sakeena: No it's not, we gotta find her.
Unten: Okay, can I be real here? What has she ever done that wasn't helping herself or X-Ray in someway?
Strafe: I mean... it was a while ago but when I was in Noah fighting off cannibals-
Unten: Yeah, but she wanted to find X-Ray.
Rachel: Well... hrm. She must have done something nice or we wouldn't have her around-
Unten: Literally all she does is call me names and be a giant jerk. I don't want her around.
X-Ray: She's really nice once you get to know her-
Unten: Right, I'll trust the only other person she cares about concerning on whether Leah is a good person or not.
Rachel: Unten...
Unten: Oh what, she hasn't treated you like utter garbage?

Rachel crosses her arms.

Rachel: Look, this is unacceptable behavior for you.
Unten: I know but... can you get what I'm getting at? I can't be alone on this.
PalmMan: I mean... we should go find her but...
Sakeena: Look, I can't agree with all her actions but she's a vital member.
Unten: In what way?

Susan sits down next to Leah as they set up the cross.

Susan: You know... I always considered you like... a daughter to me. And when I look at you I just... feel kind of like a failure because you ran away from me. I don't hate you but at the same time... I can't understand why you ran away.
Leah: I know exactly why I ran away.
Susan: Do you mind sharing it with your mother?

Leah laughs.

Leah: Mother?
Susan: Well, do you mind sharing it with me?
Leah: Uh, hell no? You tied me up in a chair to watch some crazy cult shit and you want to pretend like we're some kind of family and talk about our feelings or whatever bullshit?
Susan: Leah...
Leah: So long as I'm alive I will do whatever I can to disassociate myself from you. Because my life sucked under you and now it's pretty good. I'm dating the girl of my dreams, I've got die-cast figures of myself being shipped from Toyko, and a bunch of diehard fans that wanna do photos with me.
Susan: A girlfriend?
Leah: Oh right, forgot that you were a complete homophobe despite literally everything.
Susan: Look, god doesn't like that. It's a man and a woman. If you have trouble finding a good boy-
Leah: Fuck off! I don't want you in my life. Not as my mom, not as a friend, not even someone I want to know! And I'm happy with how I am and how she is! If you can't get that, you don't need to interfere with my life like you're some kind of... I dunno, grand planner of it.
Susan: Leah, don't talk to your mom like that!
Leah: I said fuck off, Susan.

Susan walks away, like she's about to cry.

Leah: Oh yeah, I bet you wanna play victim too. Ugh.

Unten and the others head out in Strafe's jeep.

Rachel: This is really clean. I'm surprised considering that your room at Boltzmann is such a mess.
Strafe: Me and Joseph clean it out and polish it like every week. I dunno... something about it just makes me want to keep it clean, maybe it's because without it I was never gonna get out of where I was at that time, you know, in the outskirts of Noah.
Unten: Wait... oh.
PalmMan: What?
Unten: Nothing.

Unten sulks back.

Sakeena: Where is Joseph anyway?
Strafe: He's doing some acting classes I think?
X-Ray: Is he any good at it?
Strafe: I don't know.
Unten: Do we even know where we're going?
Sakeena: Well, we're heading out to some place some anonymous person tipped us off. I assume it's Leah.
Unten: That's weird. If Leah could tell us where she was, wouldn't she just leave right then and there?
Sakeena: She must be in a really bad spot then, huh?

The cross is set up, standing high. Kathleen and Oliva take Beth towards it and get out ropes to tie her across it.

Leah: So... what's even happening here?
Susan: Well, just like the good lord himself did in the past, he sacrificed his only son to take away sin from humankind.
Leah: ...huh>
Susan: The Oracle told us a long time ago that a girl with purple hair who either destroy or save the Twisted Cross. We were intending to raise you to save it but once you got all... lovey dovey with X-Ray that got kind of changed. Luckily Beth would never turn on us like you did.
Leah: Unlike right now.
Susan: What...? Oh god!

Beth is running from Kathleen and Olivia, who have been both knocked to the ground.

Susan: Catch her!

Olivia and Kathleen attempt to catch up, but it's too late. She's gone. Susan frowns and walks behind Leah's chair.

Leah: What are we doing now...
Susan: You'll be our savior instead.
Leah: Like I'd really want to save The Twisted Cross, who would have killed X-Ray if it wasn't for me.
Susan: The powers of the devil may have a great hold on you, but I believe you can be our savior.
Leah: Haha, are you seriously implying that X-Ray is controlled by the devil? She's the sweetest person ever.
Susan: You must be cleansed of sin before we do this if it's this bad.
Leah: Oh right, "cleanse me of sin" just like you did before.
Olivia: The hell is she talking about?
Susan: Nothing! Go! Get these ropes untied and cleanse her and get her in the savior robes!

Unten and the others spy a cross from the distance.

Unten: Oh never mind, this is some Christan thing.
Rachel: Didn't Leah tell you about her time in the Twisted Cross?
Unten: Didn't she say they couldn't, and I quote: "find her ass if they tried"?
Strafe: That's cocky Leah for ya.
Sakeena: So what do we do, sneak over there?
X-Ray: You guys can do what you want, I'm just going to walk over there.
Unten: Sigh...
Rachel: Come on Unten, let's go.
Unten: Haha... right.

Unten and the others walk over to the scene in the distance.

Susan sits by herself as Olivia and Kathleen deal with Leah who is constantly trying to escape.

Susan: Where did I go wrong with her?

Leah attempts to bite Olivia.

Susan: And now the devil has such a grasp over her... am I the one really at fault? The thing about being a mother that's hard is that nobody tells you how to do it...

Susan glances over to Leah who sticks a middle finger up to her.

Susan: If only there was a way to help her... wait...

Susan gets up and heads towards Leah, who is now tied up on the cross. She unties some of the rope.

Olivia: What the hell are you doing?
Susan: The right thing. Disbanding the Twisted Cross.
Olivia: You're going to abandon us? Why?
Susan: I have to help Leah.
Leah: No! Tie me back up!
Susan: No Leah, I have to do this.
Leah: HELP! This has gone horribly wrong!

Unten and the others hear her in the distance.

X-Ray: Oh no!

X-Ray starts running as the rest of the group follows except for Unten who just begins jogging and shrugging.

Susan: There we go.

Susan attempts to grab Leah's hand after she drops to the ground.

Leah: Don't take my hand. Tie me back up.
Susan: I'm only going to help you!

Unten and the others arrive.

Unten: Oh... looks like things are fine.

Susan drags Leah behind her as she says goodbye to Olivia and Kathleen.

Leah: X-Ray!

Leah breaks free of Susan's grasp and hugs X-Ray much to Susan's disgust.

X-Ray: Is there a reason she's doing that?
Leah: Susan, stop that!
Susan: Is it cool if I stay in the hospital, X-Ray.
Leah: No, it's not-
X-Ray: Well I suppose you could...
Leah: Mrghhghgh!
X-Ray: What?
Susan: She's just excited.

Olivia and Kathleen sit at a table and discuss what happened.

Olivia: Susan's gone now.
Kathleen: Well, what now? The Twisted Cross is pretty much gone now, we only have two members now.
Olivia: We begin anew. The Sharpened Cross will rise in the place of the Twisted Cross and I will be it's leader. We recover Beth, find a new member to replace Susan, that traitor...
Kathleen: Sounds good.

The scene ends a cut to Beth out-looking the arid landscape, putting away her phone, implying she was the one to tip Unten and the others off.


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