This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
Type of Company Game developer
Founder(s) Calvinosaurus
Founded at/in November 20, 1995
Headquarters Wellington, New Zealand
No. of Employee(s) 2
Successor none
Parent Company none
There is no I in team. There is a me and an am. Me am the team.
Calviosaurus 1995.

Saurus is a fictional game developer. They specialize in original games, games that could've been, and helping with 3rd party games. There current console(s) is the Triple Tremor. They are still growing and have no artist for there work.


Calvinosaurus (tbc)

The founder and owner of Saurus. Inventor of the Triple Tremor.

Locky (tbc)

The first member to join, he is the owner of The Tris Company.


Member Perks

  1. If you own a company, you can add it's name to the developers in the infobox of Saurus games if you edit them
  2. You can make games for Saurus consoles without my permission
  3. You can make sequels or spinoffs of Saurus games

Ideas for Original Games

Put any requestes for making or helping to make games.

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