Saturday Night (GhostHead in PAL regions, ゴーストヘッド in NTSC-JP regions.) Is a Bullet Hell/Datin game developed and published by RECHSOFT for the SNES and Nintendo 64 on September 25th, 1997, and the Nintendo GameCube and PC on September 26th, 2002. It focuses on the adventures of Saturday across the fictional Yūrei City.


The game is separated into two parts; Bullet Hell segments, where Saturday gets shot at by humans trying to kill all ghosts, and dating segments, where Saturday controls a human and dates other humans. The SNES version only includes the Bullet Hell segments.

Bullet Hell

In Bullet Hell segments, Saturday has to dodge the many attacks of the Ghost Removal Squad, (GRS.) as well as firing off attacks of her own. There are 10 levels, each with different enemies and bosses. Controls are as follows;

Button (SNES) Button (N64) Button (GCN) Key (PC) Command
D-Pad Control Stick C-Stick Arrow Keys Move
B B B X Control Person
X A A Z Fire Weapon (As person.)


In the dating segments, Saturday dates the many humans in Yūrei City as a human. Saturday must not compliment a human too much, or they will end the date because of her being too flattery. There are 10 levels, and 3 controls;

Button (SNES) Button (N64) Button (GCN) Key (PC) Command
A A A X Compliment
B B B Z Talk
Start Pause Start Esc. Pause Game

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