Full Name Saskia Baruda
Current Age 20
Date of Birth August 05, 1996
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location Mauriti, Ziama Prime
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Cameron (Half-Brother) †
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 5'5"
First Appearance Diamond Days
Latest Appearance DESPAIR
Saskia is a character who makes her début in Diamond Days.


She is a university student who has always felt somewhat of an outcast whenever she places herself in real world situations and social events, such as parties, and often feels rather small in comparison to some of her friends who have superior social skills and likeability. She hopes that on the course "Diamond Days", she can hopefully become more like her friends and become more of a social butterfly than a hidden away shy girl.




Diamond Days

Saskia appears in Diamond Days as a university student who has signed up to a mysterious course titled "Diamond Days". She discovers her half-brother has disappeared at the beginning of the series, but doesn't think much of it due to this being his normal nature.

She meets an unknown person in a van, and is given a phone which she is told to keep private. If she complies it was rumoured that she would be able to learn the real truths in her life. She later finds a notebook at a crime scene that belonged to her late brother, and after further digging discovers that Nathaniel was behind his murder after an anonymous text was sent to her, presumably from the same person she got the phone from earlier on in the series. After an intense struggle, she kills Nathaniel in his house. While struggling to cope with what happened, Saskia passed out from alcohol poisoning at a party two days before her graduation, but eventually woke up and managed to attend alongside her classmates.

Dimensional Destruction









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