Sarona Collin
Sarona by Exo (tbc)
Current Age 17
Date of Birth April 7th
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Brightmallow
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Height 5'07"
Weight 104 lbs
First Appearance Epica & Sarona

Sarona Collin is one of the main characters of Epica & Sarona.


Epica & Sarona

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Sarona doesn't physically appear in Stampede Breakfast 2, King Boo does have an alternate costume based on her. He wears a wig identical to Sarona's hair, and has two ponytails that are held by green ribbons.


She, like her sister, is very lionhearted, but more so than Epica; she's also really kind. Often, Sarona comes on very weak, but can be more than intimidating to her opponents. She is very protective of her sister, as well as her friends.

Physical Description

Sarona is slightly shorter than Epica. She has long black hair tied into pigtails with green ribbons and has blue eyes. Sarona wears an overall dress with a pink shirt underneath and white shoes. She also dons a blue vest.


Sarona isn't very strong, but her speed and agility is impressive. She, along side Velvet, is the fastest on the team. Like Epica, she gets her own suit called "Shimmering (or Glimmering) Attire". This clothing, though it doesn't look like it would, will give her three light-based attacks: Shine Bombs, Luminous Pillars, Flash Tackle.



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