Saro Saro Outpost is a location in the game Mario: Rise Of Shadow. The outpost is taken over by Nitro and his army of commandos. When Mario and freinds first of what was happening there they charged through Saro Swamp. They beat down many soliders on the way there, as they got to the outpost entrance they we're greeted by the Super Sniper. After trampleing him they broke throug the door and fought hard to the evil Boo comando Nitro. When they first met Nitro fled at high speed. Afte he was caught in the Saro Outpost Reactor Core. He was soon turned into a Shy Guy by the Core radiation and the Shadow Beam. Mario then took advantage of this knocking Nitro down into the lava waste of the reactore which fried him. The out post was free for the Boo Brigade to take back over for a hide out. After Don's Defeat Mario and freinds went back and met a Boo named Duncan who had just been arrested. this started Duncans side quest, "Why The Caged Boo Sings".

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