Sargon Troopa II
Artwork TBA
Sargon Troopa II with his army of Koopas
Full Name Sargon Troopa II
Gender Male
Species Koopa
First Appearance Exploration Through the Skies
Sargon Troopa II was a primordial Koopa who dynastically ruled the throne of Koopalonia throughout most of his life in the 17th century B. C. His life and reign came to an end when Koopel, the Deikoopa of balance and karma, cursed him for his violent doings, but his ghost remains within his kingdom to this day. Sargon Troopa II is notably comparable to modern-day Koopas by his inability to walk on his hind legs.


Original Form

Ghost Form


Koopalonial Era

Sargon Troopa II was born into the role of prince of Koopalonia from his father, Sargon Troopa, and inherited it in its entirety at his father's death at the young age of 6. A less-than-civilized, violent individual, he was heavily abusive of his military force particularly without much training, and was able to mercilessly capture Mesotoadamia at age 18, which appeared promising of his goal to place the entire Mushroom World under his rule. However, by the plea of Penn. L. T., a young Toad who had not been shown much mercy or kindness, Koopel was sent by the Deikoopa Clan to place a curse upon Sargon. Everything began to go wrong for Sargon, and after a few near-death experiences, he was killed by fate. When his empire lost control without their leader and fell, it was risen up to the sky by the Deikoopas to be likely forever forgotten, and in its place new land was formed.

Middle Ages

Mushroom Kingdom Era