Sarcasm Town is a mythical city that has a number of rumours created about it in the various years. It was first heard of when a mysterious, Hooly-ish fellow ran around making rude gestures and implanting words about "GOING DOWN TO SARCASM TOWN" in people's minds. He soon mysteriously vanished, and apparently Hooly has no clue what his deal was.

Reports in Ancient History

A drawing on one of the pyramids in Giza has words that translate to "Town of the False Speech", with a doodle of a squid-like creature. In an obscure Nursery Rhyme book, a story is told about the "Sarcasm Town" and the people who vanished and returned, only to speak in completely the opposite to what they really meant to say. It goes as follows:

The kids walked and walked
out of the land
to the town where they wouldn't return.
The parents, they cried
to see the kids escape
past the trees and the brush and the fern.
The kids came back
several days later
speaking in nonsense and opposites
For you see, they had gone
down to Sarcasm Town
and the townsfolk all threw fits.

Government Conspiracy Theories

In 1986, a photo of a paper was leaked from the Government of the United States of America regarding the "Liberation of the Captured Townsfolk". Several have theorised this is related to Sarcasm Town. The government has no comment on the matter. This was all that was caught in the photo

Official Government Report: Liberation of the Captured Townsfolk
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