Sarasaland RPG
Developer(s) Peih-Geesus Inc.
Publisher(s) Peih-Geesus Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United StatesApril 5th, 2016
Flag of European Union April 6th, 2016
Flag of AustraliaApril 6th, 2016
Genre(s) Adventure
Role-Playing Game
Media Included Limited Edition Artbook
Digital Download

Sarasaland (RPG) is an upcoming turn-based, adventure role-playing game, releasing in April 2016 worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game follows Princess Daisy and loyal friends fighting against Bowser and the Koopalings' invasion of Sarasaland and Mushroom Kingdom, before their land is taken over.


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Sarasaland is a top-down role-playing game, where the player talks control of Princess Daisy, guiding her through the vast world of Sarasaland and other kingdoms and locations. Upon confronting enemies, they engage in turn-based combat, where defeating them earns the player EXP and Coins. However, Daisy isn't limited to battling alone. Throughout the game, she can take on various companions, albeit one at a time, who level up along with her, and all have different attacks and purposes in battle.

Game Modes


Main Characters


Name Image Description Strengths
Princess Peach Peach Sarasaland The princess of Mushroom Kingdom, Peach is a very feminine damsel-in-distress who has a lot more strength than she is given credit for. Ranged Damage
Luigi Luigi Sarasaland The younger and less popular brother of Mario, Luigi is heroic yet cowardly at times, but never gives up. Agility
King Boo KingBoo Sarasaland An evil member, and the leader of the Boo's, he loves to haunt and torment people, but will work with our heroes to defeat his nemesis Bowser. Spells
Toad Toad Sarasaland A notable member fo the Toad species, Toad is a loyal serving member to his kingdom, but quick to cower in fear. Healing
Toadette Toadette Sarasaland A childish and energetic member of the Toad Race, Toadette is the rowdy younger sister of Toad. Direct Damage
Birdo Birdo Sarasaland A noble member of the Birdo clan, she has since moved to the Mushroom Village to become closer with her partner, Yoshi. Bonus EXP
Yoshi Yoshi Sarasaland Yoshi is a valiant hero of the Yoshi species, who is a happy and energetic dinosaur, but stands courageous in the battle field. Support Damage
Waluigi Waluigi Sarasaland Waluigi is the younger brother of Wario, but following their conflict and differences, Waluigi finds himself fighting against his brother and Bowser. Theft




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