Sarah (Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon)
Sarah's appearance
Full Name Sarah
Gender Female
Location Jubilife City
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon

Sarah is a protagonist in Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon. Her partner pokémon is Mudkip. She is friends with Sam, Zoren, and Lucy.


Sarah is highly intelligent, and unlike Sam, she uses her intelligence quite often. She usually gets along ok with others, but she prefers the logic of machines over the emotions of people.


Before the events of Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon, during the one year when Zoren temporarily moved to Sandgem Town, Saraha moved to Twinleaf Town and became friends with Sam. However, then the next year she moved to Jubilife City.

She eventually became an intern for the Jubilife City Research & Development Facility. During her internship she worked with Lucy through the Research Network. As an intern, she help to develop the Xtransceiver.