Sapsyin Paccu
Sapsyin Paccu
Sapsyin's Appearance
Full Name Sapsyin Paccu
Current Age 405
Species Robot
Align Chaotic
Current Status Alive
Class Technomancer
Main Weapon(s) Magic & Technological Integration
Sapsyin Paccu is a 405 year old Robot created by Super Sayin Incorporated. It was the first member of the combat-able line of robots and combines magical powers via its crystalline core with its ability to inegrate its technology with any mechanical systems ot override them.


Sapsyin is a floating ball-like robot with six arms connected to its main body. Below its body is a partially armoured ball of high voltage electricity which allows Sapsying to float above it. Sapsyin has three mini-thrusters beneath his main body that allow him to maintain his balance.

Sapsyin's arms are all relatively thing with large mitt-shaped hands on the end of each one, these mitts allow Sapsyin to channel magical energy from his core into physical attacks. Sapsyin also carries around a small white-blue ball that is believed to be made of a special plastic which can expand rapidly when near heat. Sapsyin's face covers most of his body possibly to reduce caution around him.


To most Sapsyin is constantly happy and often likes to pick people up when they appear down to him. Sapsyin is described as being quite energetic and easily excited for a robot and some question his programming believing that his statement about being a Combat-able robot is a lie to make people not mess with him.

When in combat mode, Sapsyin is a relentless and cold-hearted machine. Sapsyin has no care for others and always prioritizes his objectives over the safety of others often only putting his own life before the objective. Sapsyin is rarely seen in this state however which makes this change in demeanor for his victims even more terrifying.


Programmed and Assembled towards the turn of a century, Sapsyin Paccu was created by the, at the time, young corporation known as Super Sayin Incoporated. Invented as a new line of robots to aid the company in boosting profits by working as guns for hire and as part of a plan to create military units, Sapsyin was created to test out early technology based around Technomancer powers.

After his activation Sapsyin was given the specific task of cataloguing 10,000 space-faring planets and their dominant species as well as to exterminate a chain of intergalactic warlords who worked under the disguise of an insurance agency. Sapsyin has since steadily been progressing through both his tasks, as of the current year Sapsyin has catalogued 25 planets and killed 2 of an estimated 28 heads of the Warlords.


  • When around other robots made by Super Sayin Incorporated, Sapsyin is called Paccu, this is because all Combat-able robots by Super Sayin Incorporated have the first name Sapsyin
  • The choice to get Sapsyin to kill off a chain of Intergalactic Warlords was actually not intended as part of his original programming and was due to one programmer having issues paying off a debt to the insurance company
  • The eye on the underside of Sapsyin's tongue is the company's logo and supposedly doubles as a camera for them

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