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Sapies B
Developer(s) IS
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo
Console Type Tablet
Generation 9G
Release Date(s)
August 17, 2028
Media USB, Digital download
CPU HotTub
GPU WadingPool
Human shape, automated, USB connectivity, camera, microphone, voice banks
Backward Compatibility Compatible with DS and 3DS
Successor Holo Sapien


In 2013, the change from the seventh generation of video games to the eighth, InukaneYumiko started a company called InukaneStudios, or IS for short. She had a grand idea for a console, mixing the handheld tablet with a humanoid robot. Known by her nickname, Yuu, she was ready to join the ninth generation of video games as a new console-manufacturing company. IS teamed up with YAMAHA to create the console.


Originally, the humanoid console was known as Project H. However, lead hardware engineer Caramel pitched an idea to change Project H to Sapies B, which abbreviates to HSB. He did so because the name Project H sounded like an undergoing project that only rich people are able to afford, and Sapies B sounded more welcoming. InukaneYumiko agreed to the change.


Sapies B has a human appearance that can be changed via hKits, sets that each contain a personality, voice bank, eye color, wig, and clothes. It can also be used without an hKit. Either way, the Sapies B has two cameras in the form of eyes that change color depending on the hKit, a mouth that serves as a speaker, and ears that are microphones. It also sports a flip-open torso with a touch screen in the middle, plus four USB ports.

Here is a list of hKits that existed when the Sapies B was released:

Name Clothes Wig Personality Voice banks (provider)
Hatsune Miku Classic outfit, Vampire outfit, Cheerleader outfit, Schoolgirl outfit Turquoise wig, Vampire wig Hatsune Miku H VOCALOID 2 Hatsune Miku (Fujita Saki)
Kagamine Rin/Len Classic Rin, Classic Len, Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil Rin, Len Kagamine Rin H, Kagamine Len H VOCALOID 2 Kagamine Rin/Len (Shimoda Asami)
Mario Ordinary, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Starman Mario It's a me, Mario! Persona It's a me, Mario! Voice (Bob Hoskins)

All Sapies B consoles are capable of movement and flight.

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