The story mode for Saol.

Chapter 1 - Holes In The Sky

The camera pans over a medieval town, with a path leading from there to a large castle. It begins to zoom in on the town, focusing on a back alley. A green portal appears on a wall in the alley and a girl stumbles out. Tired and hunched over to regain her breath, she parts her hair away from her eyes, revealing her face. The girl reaches into her jacket and pulls out a tablet. She presses a button on it and the portal closes. She pulls out a stylus and begins to draw on it, constantly on the lookout for anyone who might pass by. Satisfied with how her drawing came out, she presses a button and, within a flash, is clothed like the residents of this town. She ties her hair up to hide her pink highlights and puts her tablet in a basket. The girl walks into the town.

As she wanders, she keeps gazing at the distant castle. The girl enters a library and reads her tablet behind a book. She mutters something to herself.

???: Only nobles are allowed in the castle, huh? Maybe I could just poof up some noble clothes... Nah. Wish it was that easy.
???: Ugh, my research would be so much easier if there was actual technology in this dimension. I’m probably better off, though. Don’t want those things showing up and ruining everything. Again.

The girl looks around the library for a bit, opening several books. A crash is heard, and the girl drops the book she was holding. Grabbing her basket and rummaging through the apples for her tablet, she runs out the door to see a crowd forming in the square. The girl forcefully pushes her way to the front of the crowd, to see a large red robot in the middle of the square. A look of panic spreads across her face, more terrified than the residents. She looks up at the sky to see a giant portal dropping more robots.

Robot: Scanning for target Axon-1, Amelia.

The girl, whose name can be concluded to be Amelia, ducks into the crowd. Eventually, she makes it out of the crowd and crouches to avoid being spotted. She takes out her tablet and types hurriedly. A grey portal appears beneath her and she falls in.

Amelia appears in the battlements of the castle. She scrambles to turn off the portal then looks to the town. It flashes with all colours. Amelia sighs.

Amelia: There may be a load of magic users there, but they’re no match for those things. Alright, alright. Pull it together, Amelia. You’ve got this. All you’ve to do is locate the library. There’s gotta be something useful in a royal one!

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