Saol (Sow-l, Irish: worlds) is a fighting game produced by Hammy Games Inc. for the Hammicube. It stars solely original characters and each character has a theme. It follows a dimensional traveler on her currently unknown quest.




For the most part, Saol plays like the Super Smash Bros. series. Each character has a set of standard and special attacks and can attack others to build up damage. The moredamage taken, the farther you can be launched and the only way to defeat somebody is to launch them off-screen. There are, however, pitfalls and the like in some levels.

Each stage has two versions which can be swapped mid-battle. This makes it so that multiple battles can be going on at once and makes things a lot more unpredictable. Characters also have two sets of specials, though these must be chosen prior to the battle.


Character Summary Home Dimension
Amelia New
Amelia is a dimensional traveler who keeps many secrets about her. She's a bit of a jerk and tells an annoying amount of bad jokes. She's really interested in learning about the history of other dimensions, and that's why she travels. Nobody really knows where she came from or if she even has a family. She is the proud owner of a tablet which can materialise anything she draws, within reason. Amelia also utilises various items she has found on her travels. Unknown

Taylor Male

Taylor Female

Taylor (name changeable) is a customizable character and the secondary protagonist. They come from the fantastical Morath dimension, which appears medieval for the most part. The population of that dimension have a higher rate of magic proficiency than any other dimension, with nearly 2 thirds being skilled in magic. Taylor is a long-distance relation to the royal family there and wields the most noble kind of magic: mirror and dimensional manipulation. Morath
Sonny hails from the peaceful Laxial dimension. Citizens of that realm are friendly and their magical abilities reflect on that. It houses above average rate of magic users who use supportive magic as well as minor plant manipulation. Sonny is hot-headed, unlike most of the friendly people of her home dimension. She acts as the peacekeeper in the group dude to her quiet upbringing. On the battlefield, she acts as a healer, but can defend herself with large sunflowers when needed. Laxial
Malach is a cherub, the dominant species in the Miresa dimension. While a few are capable of it, the vast majority of cherubs cannot use magic. Considering how vast the Miresa dimension is, they rely heavily on postal services. Malach is one of many mailcherubs in their sector. They're shy and easily embarrassed, so they tend to keep to themself. When they must fight, Malach uses letters from their bag to... give the enemies paper-cuts? Nobody's entirely sure what the letters do, but it's effective. They can also flap their wings to create gusts of wind. Miresa
Tobias New
Tobias is from the Eclait dimension, a dimension riddled with discrimination against those who cannot use magic. You guessed it, he can’t use magic! Ironically enough, he’s gay too. In his home dimension, Tobias was a comedian. The fact that he was unable to use magic was funny enough to some, but he was actually a fairly competent comedian. In battle, he comes armed with a gun, but isn't afraid to get up close and personal. Eclait
Lynn Saol
Lynn is the commander of the Eclait army, which Tobias spent a few years serving in, hence his proficiency with firearms. For the most part, the troops use magic, but those who are unable use swords and guns. Lynn is highly skilled with swords and dual-wields two crystalline blades in battle. Eclait

Catherine is a young girl from the Felitia dimension. She has a generally optimistic look on things and is perfectly aware of her status as a Felite - not a day goes by without her making some kind of cat joke. She is very flirtatious toward everyone, regardless of gender, though she's not so good on the receiving end of flirting. When angry, she extends her claws and her hair spikes up, making her a vicious foe. The people of her dimension all display some kind of feline characteristics, but very few are capable of magic. Catherine is one of the worse-off from her dimension, having come from one of the poorer areas. In battle, she puts her feline attributes to good use. With great agility and razor-sharp claws, Catherine is truly a force to be reckoned with. Felitia


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