SantiTech TWC
Developer(s) SantiTech
Product Family xWC
Console Type Console
Storage 50GB ($145) 150GB ($290)
Online Connectivity Yes
Compatible with other consoles
Backward Compatibility SantiTech HWC

SantiSoft HWC 3D

Forward Compatibility (With adapter)

Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Gameboy Nintendo Gameboy Color Nintendo Wii Nintendo Gamecube NES SNES Sega Mega Drive Sega Dreamcast Nintendo Wii U iOS Android

The SantiTech TWC (TV Widescreen Console) is a version of the HWC but for TV, it plays all the HWC & HWC 3D* games.

Differences between its handheld counterparts

The most obvious is that this console isn't handheld, the 2nd one is that it has 4K functionality while the handheld consoles are HD and the 3rd one is that it is compatible with non-SantiTech consoles (with an adapter, sold separately).


The console with the game adapter

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