SantiTech HWC
Developer(s) SantiTech
Product Family xWC
Console Type Handheld
Storage 50GB
Online Connectivity Yes

The SantiTech HWC (that stands for SantiTech Handheld Widescreen Console) is the first console made not only for games, but also for office work and PC apps.


An concept of the design for the console w/ a game. Notice that the cartidage says "Software disk", showing that it won't be only for games.

Also, it comes with the Boomerang Mario Story game, that is simply an Space Invaders-like game made in Ludum Dare competition.


It comes for free as an introductory game, but it isn't the "real thing".

It comes with an Windows XP mode that is nothing but a Windows emulator for running Windows apps,


It isn't the actual system, but is is an .exe and .msi launcher.

plus it has the full set of Microsoft office apps (by the way, we will only show the PowerPoint app because it is the most stable).


It has the full set of apps, but PowerPoint for HWC is the most developed.

If that was less, it has some emulators.,


Because of the lack of Select & Start buttons, they are replaced with touch ones AND the L and R buttons

and an AWESOME 3D games compatibility


This isn't the actual Portal game, it is a HD clone of that. Name? Portal HD.


  • This system already has a predeceessor in development, with 3D functionality here

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