SantiSoft HWC 3D
Developer(s) SantiTech
Product Family xWC
Console Type HandHeld
Storage 5GB
Online Connectivity Yes


Backward Compatibility SantiTech HWC

The SantiTech HWC 3D is a handheld video game system and the predecessor to the HWC system. The HWC 3D primarily is rivals against the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. The HWC 3D comes with a 5GB SD Card, along with the game Boomerang Mario Story, like the first console. Like the HWC, the HWC 3D works with Santi Network B, meaning that there is a large online feature and a shop where one can buy Downloadable Content. The HWC 3D, unlike the HWC, does have the ability to create avatars.  The only game already in development for this console, apart from Boomerang Mario Story, is

New Super Mario Bros. Fire

It's like all New Super Mario Bros. games, but this one has an option to use the avatars you made in-game, New Super Mario Bros. Mii-style

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An in-game picture of New Super Mario Bros. Fire


  • The system had originally two codenames, the first one was 3DforALL, and the second was HandHeld3DMania.
  • In Japan, this console is called as "ハンドヘルド·ドリーム (Handheld Dream)"
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