Sans (Smash XDS) -removed-
Sans is gonna give you a bad time!
Symbol SSB Undertale Symbol
Smash Appearances
Smash XDS
Official Debut UNDERTALE (2015)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Judgement, Ultra Sans
Home Stage Judgement Hall, The Ruins
Tier -


this character was removed from the game. while this page will still exist, sans won't.

for more informations, go here: User blog:DestROYΩ/S.I.N.


Sans is a newcomer to the Super Smash Bros. series. He comes from UNDERTALE, and most of his attacks are based around his final boss fight in the *spoilers* Genocide route. He was chosen for the game due to the upcoming release of UNDERTALE EX (UNDERTALE: REMASTERED EDITION in Europe). In fact, Sans's ultimate form, ULTRA SANS, is a Final Smash.

Sans is "similar" to Mr. Game & Watch and NES Mario, as he is completely flat and keeps his original appearence in this game (in this case, his battle sprite). He, similarly to Mewtwo, floats while walking and dashing. Since there are no sprites for the Sans boss fight, except for him standing, custom sprites were made. Something different, though, is the fact that he is not constantly looking at the screen, but is shown to be somehow sideways.

Sans wasn't announced at all before the game's release.

How to Unlock

  • Beat EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER from Ultimate Chaos at INTENSE difficulty, and play 8000 matches (of SMASH and SMASH+ modes).


  • Good recovery, but it can be gimped. +-
  • Great damage and knockback on most attacks. +
  • Low weight, still not one of the lightest (Sans -> 80, Jigglypuff -> 65). -
  • Grab game is fast and powerful. +
  • Extreme knockback on Side and Up Smash. +


Knockback exists in 8 ratings: Super Low, Low, Low-Medium, Medium, Medium-High, High, Super High, Extreme.

Neutral Attacks

Neutral Attacks

Move Damage Knockback Description
Jab 2%, 1%, 1% per hit, 4% Low (Final Hit) Punch, punch, infinite bone swing with psychokinesis, then final hit.
Side Tilt 4%, 7% Medium (2nd Hit) Does a kick forward, then proceeds with a fast psychobone swing.
Up Tilt 10% Medium-High Shoots a laser beam upwards from his glowing eye.
Down Tilt 5% Super Low Creates a small explosion from his eye in front of him. Good for juggling.
Dash Attack 12% Medium-High Does a palm thrust infused with energy of some sort.
Floor Attack 13% Medium-High Surrounds himself with a bone shield as he gets up.
Edge Attack 15% High A giant bone stomps where Sans is going to get to.

Smash Attacks

Move Damage Knockback Description
Side Smash 19% - 26% Extreme Creates a giant bone behind him, and uses its psychokinesis to act as it was a punch, swinging it horizontally. Similar to Bayonetta's in function.
Up Smash 18% - 25% Extreme Creates a giant bone right in front of him on the ground to act as it was an uppercut. Again, similar to Bayonetta's in function. It comes out pretty fast, too.
Down Smash 17% - 24% Super High Creates a giant bone above its head to stomp it right in front of him. Meteor Smashes, it's fast and it's great for edgeguarding. Similar to Bayonetta's in function.

Aerial Attacks

Move Damage Knockback Description
Neutral Air 14% if all hits connect Medium-High (Final Hit) Surrounds himself with bones that spin multiple times.
Forward Air 6%, 7%, 6% (19%) High Prepares three bones, then shoots them like rockets forward.
Back Air 13% Extreme Throws a hot dog backwards.
Up Air 12% Low Does a flip kick. Good for juggling, just like Mario's.
Down Air 4% (Sans), 11% (bone) High Flips himself over to slam a bone against the opponent. Can Meteor Smash.

Special Attacks

Special Set X

Move + Name Damage KB Description
Neutral B: Gaster Blasters 10% (1), 15% (2), 20% (3), 25% (4), 30% (5) High Prepares a Gaster Blaster, that shoots a beam from its mouth, damages and launches opponents. The number of Gaster Blasters that appear each time the button is pressed follows a simple pattern, and up to five can appear (1 use=1 GB, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4, 5=5, 6=1, 7=2, 8=3, 9=4, 10=5, 11=1, etc.). They leave Sans vulnerable for a bit.
Custom 1: Power Blasters 15% (1), 30% (2), 40% (3) Super High Prepares up to 3 Gaster Blasters that are stronger than normal. Follows a similar pattern to the default one.
Custom 2: Chargeable Blasters Same as default High Instead of a different number of Gaster Blaster showing up everytime, the number depends on how much the button is held.
Custom 3: KR Blasters 5% (1), 7.5% (2), 10% (3), 12.5% (4), 15% (5) Super Low The beams are half as strong, but they apply a Karma Retribution effect that continues to damage foes even if they're in invincibility frames.
Side B: Bones 3% per bone Low Generates a random pattern of bones around him. It is really useful for blocking projectiles and attacks.
Custom 1: Piercing Bones 6% per bone Medium They only come up forward in front of Sans, but they are able to break shields in a single hit, and are twice as powerful.
Custom 2: Rocket Bones 4% per bone High Shoots a random number of bones, ranging from 1 to 8, like rockets, forward.
Custom 3: KR Bones 1.5% per bone Super Low The bones are half as strong, but they apply a Karma Retribution effect that continues to damage foes even if they're in invincibility frames.
Up B: Shortcut - - Teleports away in any direction. Distance of teleporting can also be altered. While teleporting, Sans is invisible and invincible.
Custom 1: Exploding Shortcut 15% (on both ends) Super High Teleports away, with the disappearence and re-appearence creating an explosion that blasts foes, but during the teleport Sans is vulnerable and semi-visible.
Custom 2: Shortcut Point - - When the button is pressed, Sans will create a shortcut point. When in any other location, he can use the move again to warp to that point. The point disappears after a single use.
Custom 3: Stable Shortcut - - Teleports even further, but with a set distance.
Down B: Psychokinesis 8% (per slam), 12% (throw) High (throw) Uses psychokinesis to psychokinetically grab opponents or projectiles right in front of him. He can then slam them multiple times to the ground and finally throw them in any direction.
Custom 1: Psychoblast 25% Extreme Instead of psychokinetically grabbing opponents, releases a strong psychic blast that travels far away.
Custom 2: Psychododge - - Instead of grabbing opponents, dodges the incoming attack, with "miss" appearing near to Sans. Has 50/60 dodge frames.
Custom 3: KR Psychokinesis 4% (per slam), 6% (throw) Low-Med The attack is half as strong, but they apply a Karma Retribution effect that continues to damage foes even if they're in invincibility frames.

Special Set Z

Move+Name Damage KB Description
Neutral B: Danger Zone 17% High Creates a red-transparent circle around him. After pressing the button once more, an exclamation point appears and any opponent inside the circle is launched away.
Custom 1: Farther Danger Zone 8% Low-Medium While the circle is that bigger, it is weaker and trips opponents instead of launching them.
Custom 2: Gust Zone - - Instead of damaging opponents, blasts them away with wind.
Custom 3: Blue Danger Zone 17% (same as default) High If any opponent is inside the blue-transparent circle around Sans and is moving (attacking, walking, jumping, shielding, dodging, grabbing, dashing) it will be damaged and launched away. Falling does not count as moving.
Side B: Slam Dunk 1% per dribble, 12% (slam dunk) High (slam dunk) Grabs the opponent like a basketball, dribbles it, then slam dunks them.
Custom 1: Power Dunk 24% Super High Can't dribble, but is twice as powerful.
Custom 2: Speedrunner Dunk 2% per dribble, 3% (slam dunk) Super Low Each dribble is thrice (3 times) as fast and twice as strong, but the slam dunk is definitely worse.
Custom 3: KR Dunk 0.5% per dribble, 6% (slam dunk) Low-Medium (slam dunk) The attack is half as strong, but they apply a Karma Retribution effect that continues to damage foes even if they're in invincibility frames.
Up B: Levitate - - Makes a high-jump, so that he can levitate and move left or right in the air for some time. Great for both horizontal and vertical recovery.
Custom 1: Rise - - Continues to rise upwards somewhat slowly in the air for some time. Sans can also move left or right while rising.
Custom 2: Ascent - - Flies upwards in a single, fast ascent. Its direction can be chosen.
Custom 3: Meteor Levitating Kick 13% Meteor Smash only Makes a high jump and levitates as usual, and keeps his leg downwards to always Meteor Smash successfully, but can't go left or right.
Down B: Boneshield - - Surrounds himself with bones, protecting him from projectiles and attacks.
Custom 1: Reflecting Boneshield - - Reflects projectiles, but doesn't protect from attacks at all.
Custom 2: Absorbing Boneshield - - Absorbs energetic projectiles to reduce its total damage, but doesn't absorb physical one nor protect from attacks.
Custom 3: Impact Boneshield 14% High Does not protect from projectiles or attacks, but the shield damages and launches foes.

Final Smashes

Name Damage Description Type
Judgement 120% Takes all opponents, then proceeds with a barrage of Gaster Blasters, bones, psychokinesis, danger zones, and much worse (for the opponents), with the final hit being a huge Blaster that finally launches foes. Super Attack

He transforms in Ultra Sans, takes all opponents, and does a series of attacks.

  • Hyper Blasts: Shoots from his mouth, his hands and from several Gaster Blasters beams.
  • Starstorm: Shoots huge stars that explode in small fragments which fly around.
  • Elemental Rage: Shoots fire, thunder, ice and psychic energy everywhere.
Super Attack

Grab & Throws

Move Damage Knockback Description
Grab - - Grabs the opponent with psychokinesis from a distance, but isn't quite as far-reaching as his Down B.
Pummel 3% - Punches the opponent.
Forward Throw 3% (throw), 4% (slam), 6% (bones) High Throws them forward, slamming them on the ground, then makes bone appear right where the opponent was slammed on.
Back Throw 15% Super High Psychokinetically tosses the opponent behind him. The strongest back throw in the game.
Up Throw 12% High Makes bones emerge from the ground right where the opponent is standing on, launching them upwards.
Down Throw 8% Super Low Slams the opponent to the ground, with the words "Right where you stand" appearing near Sans. Good for comboing. Fastest down throw in the game.



  • Side: "geeeeeettttttttt dunked on!!!!" while playing his trombone.
  • Up: "You're going to have a bad time" while his eye glows, and faces the screen.
  • Down: Puts an hot dog on the top of his head. Up to 29 hot dogs can be placed on his head.

Stage Entrance

  • Shortcuts to the stage.
  • Sleeps, then wakes up.

Idle Animations

  • Goes to sleep.
  • Drinks ketchup.
  • "What are you waiting for?" while his pupils disappear.

Winning Animations

  • Plays his trombone.
  • "geeeeetttttttt dunked on!!!" while his eye glows.
  • Winks to the screen.

Losing Animations

  • Limps offscreen.
  • Gently claps.

Victory Fanfare


Sans [after unlocking Sans]

(Sans's artwork) Sans is a skeleton and a main character in UNDERTALE. Near to the end of the game, he will judge you for your actions. If you've defeated every other monster in the Underground, including his brother Papyrus, he will rage at you with bones, Gaster Blaster, platforming madness, and psychokinesis. Most of his moveset is based around that. The number of Gaster Blasters that appear depends on how much the move is used, for example, with up to five Blasters appearing.


Sans (Alt.) [Classic]

(Sans using Boneshield)

Sans's Shortcut is a simple teleport, just like other characters such as Mewtwo or Zelda, but its distance can also be inputted. When shortcutting, Sans will be invisible and invincible. Levitate, on the other hand, makes Sans do a high-jump and levitate in the air, being able to attack and to go left or right. When using Bones, Sans will create a random pattern of bones around him, damaging opponents and protecting from projectiles and attacks. Does a similar thing with the Boneshield, but the pattern is always fixed, with the bone starting from Sans's back.

  • Shortcut - Up B Set X
  • Levitate - Up B Set Z
  • Bones - Side B Set X
  • Boneshield - Down B Set Z

Sans (Alt. 2) [Adventure]

(Sans psychokinetically holding Ness)

When using Psychokinesis, Sans will psychokinetically grab opponents right in front of him. He can then psychokinetically slam them to the ground multiple times before throwing them in any direction. Sans's Danger Zone makes him create a red-transparent circle around him. If the button is pressed again, anyone inside the circle will be launched away, but the circle isn't really big. When using Slam Dunk, Sans will grab the opponent, dribble them like a ball, then throws them away like if doing a slam dunk. This comes straight from basket.

  • Psychokinesis - Down B Set X
  • Danger Zone - Neutral B Set Z
  • Slam Dunk - Side B Set Z

Sans (Alt. 3) [All-Star]

(Sans using three Gaster Blasters)

The range and power of Sans's Smash Attacks is simply amazing. In his Side Smash, he uses psychokinesis to move a huge bone forward, like a fist. In his Up Smash, he does the same thing, but the bone rises from the ground. And in his Down Smash, the bone stomps right in front of him, just like it was a leg. When using the Gaster Blasters, the number of blasters used depends on how many times the move has been used: for example, 1 use = 1 bone. 5 uses = 5 bones. Since the max of blasters appearing is 5, 6=1, 10=5, 11=1, etc.

  • Side Smash
  • Up Smash
  • Down Smash
  • Gaster Blasters - Neutral B Set X

Sans (Alt. 4) [Master Orders]

(Sans sleeping at an hot dog stand)

In UNDERTALE, Sans sells hot dogs all over the place. In his Back Air, he throws one, dealing EXTREME knockback, literally! He can also put up to 29 hot dogs on his head with his Down Taunt. This isn't really much of use, but is still pretty exhilarating. His Forward Air makes Sans shoot three bones forward, like rockets. This is similar to Custom 2 for Bones, Rocket Bones. Another interesting Custom Move is Custom 2 for Shortcut, Shortcut Point. When the button is pressed the first time, Sans will create a "warp point" he can teleport to later by re-inputting the move.

  • Back Air
  • Down Taunt
  • Forward Air
  • Rocket Bones - Custom 2 Side B Set X
  • Shortcut Point - Custom 2 Up B Set X

Judgement [Crazy Orders]

(Sans using Judgement on Ness, Lucas and Ninten)

In UNDERTALE, near to Asgore's home, Sans will judge you for your actions. If running through a Genocide Route, he will take the human on battle. This Final Smash is pretty based on his attacks. Sans takes all opponents, and locks them into a Bullet Board then uses Gaster Blasters, bones, psychokinesis, and danger zones (also known as "Red Attacks"), and much much worse to avenge his brother Papyrus, and pretty much everyone else. After he seems he's done attacking, he summons an enourmous Gaster Blaster that finally launches foes away.

ULTRA SANS [Core Orders]

(ULTRA SANS shooting beams from its mouth and hands at Pikachu, Bowser Jr., Kirby, and Jigglypuff)

In the remake of UNDERTALE, UNDERTALE EX/REMASTERED, playing a Hard Genocide causes Sans to transform into ULTRA SANS after being defeated. 3 more phases will succeed: a phase that plays very similarly to Nightmare Flowey's battle, where you can only dodge attacks, a phase where Ultra Sans uses his powers to summon every other boss's SOUL to attack, and the last phase where Sans is fought as his huge head. In this game, he storms opponents with beams, fire, thunders, ice, psychic energy and stars.

Role in Ultimate Chaos

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