Sans (Smash Revolution)
Universe Undertale
Others Super Smash Bros. Appearences Newcomers
Recent Game Undertale
Availability Starter

Sans appear as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Revolution, revealed at the end of the Undertale 3D Direct. 

Sans is confirmed to have Papyrus, his brother for alternate costume. 

The actor that voiced Sans is Ty Olsson and the actor that voiced Papyrus is Scott McNell. 

Sans is into the A- tier in the Tier List between Banjo-Kazooie and Black Mage.

Attributes Edit

Pros Edit

  • Sans is a fast character
  • Sans can jump very high
  • Good KO power and knockback
  • Floats in the air for a moment after double jump


  • Many specials attacks end's lag.
  • Floats in the air for a moment after double jump
  • Sans is slow to accelerate


Sans is a fast character, but he is slow to accelerate. He can jump very high, but he floats in the air for a moment after double jump (like Ness and Lucas). This can be an advantage but also a disadvantage. Sans have a good KO power, but many specials attacks end's lag. Sans is also a middleweight character, about as heavy as Mario.


Grounds Attacks Edit

  • Neutral Attack : Two punches and a small Gaster Blaster burst. (2% per hit)
  • Dash Attack : Sans perform a elbow strike. (7%)
  • Side Tilt : Sans Incidental slash with his trombone slide. (6.5%)
  • Up Tilt : Headbutt. (5%)
  • Down Tilt : Leg sweep.
  • Forward Smash : Sans swings a bone like a golf club. (7% uncharged, 15% max charged)
  • Up Smash : Sans raises a bone fence from the ground. Has exceptional hitbox. (5% uncharged, 12% max charged)
  • Down Smash : Sans Smashes a bone on the ground. (6% uncharged, 17% max charged)

Aerial Attacks Edit

  • Neutral Aerial : Sans twirls a long bone. (6%)
  • Forward Aerial : Sans swings a ketchup bottle underhand. Insane knockback. (8%)
  • Back Aerial : Sex kick.
  • Up Aerial : Sans raises trombone to the press box and plays. (6% per hit)
  • Down Aerial : Downward punch. (9%)

Grabs and Throws Edit

  • Grab : Sans grabs with two spinning bones.
  • Pummel : An extremely fast attack that hits at a high rate and can deal punishing amounts of damage. (5% per hit)
  • Forward Throw : Hands the target a hot dog and puts it on his/her head, before thrusting him/her away. (12%)
  • Back Throw : Uses a bone like a golf club to whack the opponent away. (10%)
  • Up throw : Gaster Blasters the opponent into the air. (7%)
  • Down throw : Dunks the opponent into the ground. (9%)

Others Edit

  • Floor Attack (front) : Two bones in front. (6%)
  • Floor Attack (back) : Two bones in the back. (6%)
  • Floor Attack (trip) : Spinning bones. (8%)
  • Edge Attack : Sans teleports onto the ledge; anyone he touches is hurt. (5.5%)