This is how each character is rated in competitive play, and came as a result of polls set up on Sanguine Bloodshed's official website.

Tier Characters
X SanguineBloodShed Char Captain CrunchSanguineBloodShed Char KnucklesSanguineBloodShed Char Shade ManSanguineBloodShed Char Syi
SS SanguineBloodShed Char Cloud StrifeSanguineBloodShed Char StayPuftSanguineBloodShed Char SinistarSanguineBloodShed Char Unipon
S SanguineBloodShed Char Dark LinkSanguineBloodShed Char ShinjiroSanguineBloodShed Char Monopoly ManSanguineBloodShed Char NabbsSanguineBloodShed Char RidleySanguineBloodShed Char VOLT
A+ SanguineBloodShed Char EndalSanguineBloodShed Char Harry PotterSanguineBloodShed Char JontronSanguineBloodShed Char PeteSanguineBloodShed Char SanjiSanguineBloodShed Char Shard
A SanguineBloodShed Char Alice HarumiSanguineBloodShed Char Crash BandicootSanguineBloodShed Char FreddySanguineBloodShed Char JawsSanguineBloodShed Char TechnusSanguineBloodShed Char Grim Reaper
B+ SanguineBloodShed Char Abraham LincolnSanguineBloodShed Char AnnaSanguineBloodShed Char FicklepoofSanguineBloodShed Char LucasSanguineBloodShed Char KrookodileSanguineBloodShed Char ScroogeSanguineBloodShed Char VioletSanguineBloodShed Char Wario
B SanguineBloodShed Char CrymsiaSanguineBloodShed Char DiscordSanguineBloodShed Char Drake and JoshSanguineBloodShed Char Mordecai and RigbySanguineBloodShed Char 'What' Mega Man
C+ SanguineBloodShed Char BayonettaSanguineBloodShed Char Iron MaskSanguineBloodShed Char NiGHTSSanguineBloodShed Char PapyrusSanguineBloodShed Char Valentine
C SanguineBloodShed Char HamaSanguineBloodShed Char Lon'quSanguineBloodShed Char KuzcoSanguineBloodShed Char RoySanguineBloodShed Char ShulkSanguineBloodShed Char SidSanguineBloodShed Char Wubbzy
D+ SanguineBloodShed Char Galacta KnightSanguineBloodShed Char GiegueSanguineBloodShed Char King DededeSanguineBloodShed Char Master ChiefSanguineBloodShed Char Numbah FiveSanguineBloodShed Char Snoop DoggSanguineBloodShed Char Spyro
D SanguineBloodShed Char BlukeSanguineBloodShed Char GametalSanguineBloodShed Char GLaDOSSanguineBloodShed Char LuckySanguineBloodShed Char Ozzy OsbourneSanguineBloodShed Char Professor Fiendish
E+ SanguineBloodShed Char BravenwolfSanguineBloodShed Char Hot ShotSanguineBloodShed Char Ludwig vanSanguineBloodShed Char Sideshow BobSanguineBloodShed Char SniperSanguineBloodShed Char Squidward
E SanguineBloodShed Char DonkeySanguineBloodShed Char GarfieldSanguineBloodShed Char John CenaSanguineBloodShed Char MudkipSanguineBloodShed Char NinjiSanguineBloodShed Char Rick and Morty
F SanguineBloodShed Char Captain UnderpantsSanguineBloodShed Char GanondorfSanguineBloodShed Char Roy KoopaSanguineBloodShed Char Santa Claus

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