RUN, RUN, indeed - Sinistar is perfect at trashing your party in the right hands.
Description in game's manual

SanguineBloodShed Char Sinistar
Icon of Sinistar in the game.
Series Arcade
Debut Sinistar (1982)
Availability Unlockable
Weight Very Heavy
Size Very Large
Hyper Move Black Hole

Sinistar is one of the unlockable characters of Sanguine Bloodshed, and represents Arcade games in general. Sinistar is unique - almost all his attacks in this game debut here. His massive size and weight makes him quite the challenge too, although he is extremely weak to trap attacks. Sinistar does not have aerial specials.

Sinistar is unlocked by clearing Classic Mode on 8.0 or higher with any character.


Sinistar is controlled differently from other characters - while the other characters are two dimensional and fight in the Sonic Battle inspired grounds, Sinistar looks like he did in his original game, and controls like how the player would think he would - he moves around on the plane, expected to release several attacks on the players.

Sinistar heals slowly with the help of the crew aboard him, and cannot gain much from trying to heal his special meter, but the attack gained from using the attack is still absurdly strong.



Sinistar's main attack is really just ramming around the stage, and players who come into contact with him are knocked away slightly. Sinistar can drop small bombs to make escaping him more difficult, and he can bite players for massive damage if they get up to his mouth.


  • Ground Power: Sinistar stands in place and does a small inhaling attack, pulling opponents closer to him. If they get inside his mouth, they take intense damage.
  • Ground Shot: Sinistar fires several beams of different patterns out from his mouth, attacking opponents across the arena for weak damage.
  • Ground Trap: Sinistar drops a large bomb, which can deal massive damage to those who touch it.
  • Black Hole: Sinistar pulls in opponents with a stronger Ground Power attack, and those who touch his mouth are destroyed. Fortunately it's pretty easy to run away from Sinistar's attack if you're a long distance away, but if you're close to him, you can only escape if you're a fast character. Otherwise you're screwed.

Taunts / Victory PosesEdit

  • Taunt 1: Sinistar stops and says "Beware, coward!" or "Beware, I live!"
  • Taunt 2: Sinistar spins in place and says "I hunger, coward!" or "Run, run, run!"
  • Taunt 3: Sinistar stops and says "I am Sinistar!"
  • Victory Pose 1: Sinistar inhales the losers into his mouth and snaps his mouth, breaking them.
  • Victory Pose 2: Sinistar stays in place and says "I am Sinistar, coward!"
  • Losing Pose: Sinistar loses some of his body whilst his iconic "hurt" sound effect plays.


Sinistar has four alts, just like the rest of the game's characters. His first alt turns him black, another makes him golden, his third makes him pink and more feminine in voice, and his final alt makes him a dark red color with white eyes.


  • I Am Sinistar (here)
  • I Am Sinistar (Metal/Demonic Remix)