Your average everyday skeleton, except he's far from that. He's a living bag of funny bones.
Description in game's manual

SanguineBloodShed Char Papyrus
Icon of Papyrus in the game.
Series Undertale
Debut Undertale (2015)
Availability Starter
Weight Very Light
Size Medium
Hyper Move Blue Ray

Papyrus is one of the starter characters of Sanguine Bloodshed, and represents the Undertale franchise, debuting in the game of the same name. Papyrus is a generally fast character who attacks with an assortment of bones.

Papyrus' home stage is Snowdin.


Papyrus is a very fast character, and has very floaty jumps, which is dangerous for him which means he can be smashed into a wall easily and take lots of damage. However, he can get away from opponents easily utilizing this attribute, and can attack from a distance with his bone weapons. He can make easy combos with the bones, too, and be able to set up different attacks, although they're weak. Papyrus is great in the air, he can launch lines of bones and bounce off opponents easily because of his low weight. When Papyrus is hit, he complains.

Papyrus heals pretty quickly, but his special attack takes quite a bit to charge up. As such, Blue Ray cannot be performed too often.



Papyrus attacks with his hands and uses a long bone to attack opponents up close and personal. Away from foes, he can toss bones of small sizes towards opponents to damage them. He can also send waves of bones along the ground, known as his "Bonetrousle".


  • Ground Power: Papyrus charges up all the power in his hands, and swings a giant bone towards foes. The resulting effect is random - it can either be pretty weak, really strong, stun foes, etc. The effects of this attack are random, just like Papyrus himself.
  • Ground Shot: Papyrus tosses a "bonemerang" forward, damaging all opponents that come into contact with it. The bonemerang will go through the foes, then come back to Papyrus.
  • Ground Trap: Papyrus will set spaghetti on the floor, all opponents who touch the spaghetti are electrocuted. Somehow.
  • Air Power: Papyrus surrounds himself with a wave of spaghetti, deflecting attacks.
  • Air Shot: Papyrus tosses a line of bones, followed up by one huge one, doing quite a good amount of damage.
  • Air Trap: Papyrus tosses spaghetti right below him, causing an explosive wave on the ground. Overcooked spaghetti ain't good.
  • Blue Ray: Papyrus turns his opponents blue, and tosses several bones around the field of huge sizes, some white, some blue. If blue bones go towards the players, and if the players are not moving, the blue bones will not hurt them, but they will hurt the players if they are moving. White bones deal damage regardless if you're moving or not. The attack ends after 15 seconds.

Taunts / Victory PosesEdit

  • Taunt 1: Papyrus brings out a plate of spaghetti and bows professionally.
  • Taunt 2: Papyrus changes quickly into his "cool dude" clothing before turning back to normal.
  • Taunt 3: Papyrus says "NYEH HEH HEH!".
  • Victory Pose 1: Papyrus laughs, saying his signature "NYEH HEH HEH!" while clapping.
  • Victory Pose 2: Papyrus wears his "cool dude" clothing, while dancing back and forth.
  • Losing Pose: Papyrus stamps his foot against the ground in pure rage.


Papyrus has four alts, just like the rest of the game's characters. His first alt depicts him wearing green clothing in place of his red, his second depicts him wearing yellow, the third depicts him wearing purple, and the final gives Papyrus Sans' clothing style and colors.


  • Bonetrousle (from Undertale; original)
  • Bonetrousle (from Undertale; heavy metal remix)
  • Dummy! (from Undertale)
  • Song That May Play When You Fight Sans (from Undertale)


  • Papyrus is the only character in the game that's capable of triple jumping.