This is Scorpion Troop's Hot Shot. Enemy movement has been detected. En route to intercept and destroy.
Description in game's manual

Hot Shot
SanguineBloodShed Char Hot Shot
Icon of Hot Shot in the game.
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Debut Sonic Adventure 2
Availability Starter
Weight Very Heavy
Size Very Large
Hyper Move Cyan Blast

Hot Shot is one of the starter characters of Sanguine Bloodshed, and is a representative from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Hot Shot is a very large, very heavy character who attacks with barrages of lasers and missiles, as well as attacks borrowed from G.U.N. vehicles from across the world.


Hot Shot is a walker who can go into the air, fold its feet up, and fly around. It's extremely heavy and requires a lot of work to even fling it a foot off the ground. It's also very large so as a consequence it has a large hurtbox. Hot Shot is reliant on projectiles, although it can ram into opponents as well to catch them off guard.

Hot Shot heals slowly, but its Cyan Blast charges up fast. The fact that it charges easily allows Hot Shot to attack with the move several times in a single battle.



Hot Shot's only physical attack is ramming straight into others, in fact at such a speed that it's difficult to outrun it. Otherwise, it uses lasers, turrets, missiles, and bullets to attack foes. That's a lot of weapons for a single machine.


  • Ground Power: Hot Shot lifts itself up, then slams back down, creating an earthshake.
  • Ground Shot: Hot Shot fires a machine gun from the side, dealing heavy damage.
  • Ground Trap: Hot Shot tosses a few Gun Beetles from its back compartment, making them home into foes.
  • Air Power: Hot Shot fires a powerful laser right in front of itself, dealing damage to those who are close. Requires a while to recharge.
  • Air Shot: Hot Shot fires a mini Cyan Blast, dealing some damage, but not an awful lot.
  • Air Trap: Hot Shot lifts a bomb from the ground, and tosses it forward to deal great damage.
  • Cyan Blast: Hot Shot charges a cyan ball from its cockpit tip, and fires it off after fifteen seconds, making a huge explosion radius that's difficult to avoid.

Taunts / Victory Poses

Hot Shot cannot taunt.

  • Victory Pose 1: Hot Shot opens its missile doors over and over again whilst dancing??
  • Victory Pose 2: Hot Shot opens its cockpit, and the soldier inside makes taunting quotes.
  • Losing Pose: The Hot Shot lies on the ground, as if broken.


Hot Shot has four alts, just like the rest of the game's characters. The first alt for Hot Shot makes him yellow, the second makes him green, the third makes him orange, and the final keeps his color scheme, but swaps him out for Flying Dog, which doesn't land.


  • G.U.N. Boss (from Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Heavy Dog (from Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • Blue Falcon (from Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • Sonic and Diablon (from Shadow the Hedgehog)


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